A bus tour of veterans today pushed barricades clear so that the Iwo Jima Memorial was once again open to the public.

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A bus tour of veterans today pushed barricades clear so that the Iwo Jima Memorial was once again open to the public.

More events like this have to happen, and they have to be done by everyone, not just the veterans.


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  • Ed Clark

    As I said over at Instapundit:
    Sorry. I am a Vet and know a lot of others Vets. Far too many of them have bought into laying the blame on the House for these closures. And those who don’t just want to look “reasonable” by “seeing both sides”. Obama’s tricks are working. Even though veterans are upset this does not translate to anger at Obama. We’ll be seeing a lot of network interviews with veterans who blame Republicans.
    Also the vets visiting the memorials often don’t want to “politicize” their respect for their fellow comrades. But Obama is more than willing to politicize it so he will win. Unfortunately.
    Obama doesn’t care how he looks to his “enemies” (Republicans) His worshipers will cover for him. A lot of veterans don’t like to appear partisan.

  • Richard

    Have they shut down the Martyn Luther Kind Memorial in DC. One would think that they would want to especially protect it from Tea Party people. Numerous strands of barbed wire and 24/7 security is obviously needed.

  • R. Cotour

    The people must suffer, so they come around and do as they are told. For the good of the collective!

    “On Thursday, the Pisgah Inn, which holds a concession on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina, announced that it would defy the National Park Service’s order to close up, and would open doors for business on Friday. On Friday morning, NPS rangers showed up, lights swirling, to close down the business and turn away its customers, supposedly thanks to the government shutdown.”

    Petty little people with their hands on the levers of power. Sickening.

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