A businessman fights a federal regulatory effort that destroyed his business. The government responses by trying to destroy him.

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A businessman fights a federal regulatory effort that destroyed his business. The government responds by trying to destroy him.

Read the article. It will send chills down your spine. The business was legal, did no harm, and was very successful. The government shut it down, killed it. Now they are going after the creator because he had tried to stop them.



  • JGL


    I assume that the bureaucracy, because he was defiant, feels the need to make an example of him and in addition denude him of any profits he may still be enjoying from his misbegotten business venture and then some.

    A friends mother was driving on the highway and a giant eighteen wheeler began to move into her lane. When she called my friend to come and get her, because her car was now missing its drivers side, everything. He asked his mother, what happened? She replied that she was driving, minding her own business and this truck just began to move into her lane. He asked her, why didn’t you get out of its way? She answered, I was right and the truck was wrong, I was not going to move!

    In todays atmosphere we all have to weigh our actions as to the potential consequences. And if the issue has something to do with the safety of children, really think hard (as you should) as to your next moves. Bill Clinton used this as a manipulation technique masterfully.

  • ted

    The bureaucrats at the CPSC who were directly involved need to be outed and publicly embarrassed.

  • Edward

    Oh, my! JGL, you make it sound as though the government has forgotten the First Amendment, which allows the American public to speak out against the government without fear of reprisal. Indeed, if the bureaucracy really is making an example of him for expressing his freedom of speech and his right to defend his business, then that would be chilling indeed.

    It would also suggest that the government is not as friendly toward small business as it has claimed.

    All my life, I have wanted to start a business (Elon Musk beat me to it with Space X, now I have a couple of other ideas), but these past few years I have had to spend more effort considering the ever increasing risks and the continually reducing probability of reward.

  • JGL

    You seem to fail to draw the line between idealism and reality. While ideally, the government should be expected to deal fairly with the public that IT SERVES in regards to proper and fair regulation of commerce. But reality dictates that you understand that real flesh and blood, biased human beings inhabit that government and wield that power and enforce certain agendas both spoken and unspoken. I remind you of the recent revelations regarding the IRS being used as a political weapon.

    What is the nature of man? The nature of man is to abuse power. (where ever you find human beings)

    I assume that your hesitancy in starting your own business reflects your own assessment that the general atmosphere of bureaucracy and regulation regarding government in your field of expertise on balance discourages your from your dream.

    I refer to my attached story, would you rather be right or live to fight another day? There are times for both, the challenge to to have the wisdom (and good luck) to know the difference.

    If your comments are hyperbolic and sarcastic then I get it, if not, I don’t quite get your puzzelment. I encourage you to judiciously go ahead with your business plans and report your experience here. Be aware of the impediments to your efforts but don’t be stopped by them if you truly have the vision and determination to manifest them. To a degree ignorance is bliss, solve problems as they arrive.

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