A campaign ad that says it bluntly: “You lied.”

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A campaign ad that says it bluntly: “You lied.”

It is… remarkable, the way that the Democrats were so bald-faced in that lie. It’s like they thought that the rules simply didn’t apply to them, or something. Apparently, the plan was to simply bull on through and expect nobody to call them on the fact that their entire policy position was based on things that everybody knew just weren’t so.

The Democrats must be called on these lies, strongly and often.


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  • Kelly Starks

    I guess we voters are to blame. Politicians more and more blatently lie, because voters are increasinly unwilling to check to see if they are lieing – especially if the press doesn’t point it out.

    For example. A old friend was ranting against Paul Ryan (my congressmen) saying hes another born again hard social right christian, and he lied about when Obama said he’ld help keep a GM plant in his home town open. “It was proven that the plant was closed before Obama took Office.”

    Ok, the hard right social christian thing certainly doesn’t fit in with any of the votes, public sttaements, adn things he publishes in his newsletterm sttaement papers etc I get in email from him — and lets face it, hard core christian right folks are really in your face about it. My friend dismissed that, obviously I’m biased (toward christian fundy social attityudes??!!!)

    The second was more blunt. I looked up that city paper and GM history web pages. Obviously both would mention the closing of a 100 year old plant. Took about 5 min to find that the date of the shutdown in both was spring of Obama’s first year in office – not before Obama’s election. Said friend said that was wrong, it was “proven” that Ryan lied and the plant closed before Obama was elected. I.E. all the big papers he read said it, and he was utterly unwilling to bother looking at contradictory evidence.

    Similarly though simple numbers, demographics, projections by actuaries, etc etc, all said say Obamacare couldn’t do what they said it would – the believers (including the press) believed without question.

    Were increasingly a nation of folks taking political/technical/etc positions on faith.

    Carl Sagan warned about this decades ago in a interview that’s been cycling around the web last week or two..

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