A Canadian man faces jail time for merely disagreeing with two feminists on Twitter.

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Fascism: A Canadian man is now threatened with six months in jail because he dared to post on Twitter his disagreement with two feminist activists.

Read the article. These feminists fit the description of fascists so closely we could put their pictures in the dictionary next to the word.

Note also that this is in Canada, which does not have a first amendment comparable to what we have here in the U.S. Then again, the first amendment here in the U.S. is increasingly being ignored by those in power, so I’m not sure what advantage it gives us at the moment.



  • Edward

    Bullies rarely think that they are bullies. In the case of the two feminists as well as the Canadian Court — that didn’t dismiss the case — they likely believe that they are doing it for the greater good.

    Meanwhile, their victim(s) end up wearing their drawers pulled up out of the back of their pants and used to suspend them from the flag pole as a warning to others to keep in line. Free thinkers are not welcome, there.

    However, the bullies think that they done good, because they are right and the free thinkers are, by definition, wrong and should be shut up.

  • Cotour

    Taken to its logical extension, in the future testosterone will be a banned substance and all procreation will be done using a kit that comes from Amazon and the choices will be gay, feminist gay, female, butch female, feminine male, hyper sensitive hybrid feminine male with full plumbing liberal and of course eye color and height . The problem with the world is men and the sooner that they are neutralized and made the same as the rest through genetic manipulation or be done away with all together the better.

    (high IQ sarcasm alert. I think, only time will tell)

  • Phill O

    We now have in power in Alberta a party with ministers who were activists. The economy will go to pot as has BCs. But worse, free speach will be a thing of the past. Might be time to get a place in the desert and get off the grid.

  • “Then again, the first amendment here in the U.S. is increasingly being ignored by those in power, so I’m not sure what advantage it gives us at the moment.”

    It doesn’t. The Second is where the power lies.

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