A cancer patient discovers at the last minute that she can’t keep her doctor or get treatment, because of Obamacare.

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Repeal the damn law! A cancer patient discovers that she can’t keep her doctor or even get treatment, because of Obamacare.

I realize I am a racist and a terrorist for repeatedly demanding that Obamacare get repealed, but unlike the Democrats and President Obama — who are willing to defend this law under all conditions — I don’t like it when innocent people die because of some stupid regulations imposed on them by self-righteous elites who really don’t know what they are doing.



  • Cotour

    Obamacare is for the greater good, the inequities in the United States must be rectified! I just read that 46% of the wealth in the world is owned by just 85 of the richest people on the planet! 85 individual people! Why can’t McDonalds workers be paid $15 an hour? Why can’t everyone be paid a living wage? Why?! Human beings are destroying the entire planet with their activities! (the entire planet!) New York’s Mayor Deblasio wants to create a special tax on just some of those rich people to establish a pre kinder garden to begin to properly teach the children how to properly think. Its for the children! Their rich, why shouldn’t they pay? I think Deblasio (or is it Willhelm? Im not sure) dreamed about that inspirational Pre K concept regarding how to properly train the children while sun bathing on the beaches of Cuba during his honeymoon, those many years ago. Viva La revolution! I wonder if he met with the leaders of the Junta during his stay?

    And President Obama will act if Congress does not, he has already plainly said that. Damn the Constitution, his righteous agenda must be realized before his power ends. That’s if it ends. The Constitution is to be used today as a tool utilized in its disassembly. Why do you think it is studied, why do you think the president became a Constitutional “scholar”? ALL of the founders of this country were all racists, how could they not be, they were all white! And they owned slaves! And those slaves were differently colored! But wasn’t the most individual freedom and the most individual wealth that has ever existed on the planet earth for all people, no matter their differently colored skin situation, created as a direct result of the Constitution and free market Capitalism? More lies told by those rich bastards!! We all know that redistribution of wealth is the real driver behind individual freedom and individual wealth on this planet, today and every day in the past. Why hasn’t the U. N. taken any action?

    I could go on, but I won’t, and yes Zimmerman you are obviously a racist judging by the news items and your opinions that you constantly post on this web site, and you are probably of Hebrew lineage. That says it all. The situation here is eventually going to have to be looked into!

    (he wrote with extreme ironic, observational sarcasm)

  • geoffc

    I always assumed this Zimmerman was a white hispanic. What is this He-Brew beer you are talking about?

  • Cotour

    And to add insult to injury, He-brew is a sexist term to be sure!

    You have to get your breeding results straight:

    When a South American Spanish Hispanic procreates with a White racist you get a White Hispanic / murderer, when a differently colored Marxist African who’s father was tortured by the British procreates with a mid Western White socialist you get an American / Marxist hybrid president who tests the limits of the Constitution every time he does not get his way or anyone dares stand in the way of his stated agenda.

    I know this all sounds sarcastic and ridiculous, and it is, but if you were to believe the narrative that today’s self interested politicians, talking heads and agenda mongers are spewing into the air waves of our nation and the world you would be drawn to actually believe them. And this is the kind of ridiculousness and counter intuitive logic that they offer as reality and insist that people believe. That’s where we find ourselves in modern America today. We, The People, in the long run, must be better than what is being offered by these mass manipulators and power whores.

    The answer? The Constitution.

  • Edward

    “I just read that 46% of the wealth in the world is owned by just 85 of the richest people on the planet!”

    That is an interesting statistic. I tried to verify it, and to see how many of those 85 are kings, other monarchs or royalty, or “old” families. There are some very rich royalty in this world.

    From one article on the topic:
    “The development charity did not identify the 85 richest people cited in its study”

    And would we (or should we) be upset for those rich people who made it on their own? (Oops, Obama told us that “you didn’t make that.”) They clearly have improved life for us, if we were so willing to buy their goods and services that we made them rich. They also provide hope for the rest of us that we or our children can make good, too. (Oops, Obama also told us that “at some point you’ve made enough money.” Coming from someone who apparently made $4 million, one year, we have to wonder what he means by “enough.”)

  • Cotour

    Once you have yours you can tell others what they should and shouldn’t have or want.

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