A Christian couple that refused to use their business as a venue for a gay marriage are now receiving hate mail and threats.

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Jackbooted thugs: A Christian couple that refused to use their business as a venue for a gay marriage are now receiving hate mail and threats.

If gays want to get married and the law allows it, there is no reason for them to force those that disagree with them to participate, unless their real goal is to destroy those that disagree. From what I can see, their goal is to destroy.



  • JGL

    The what would seem paradoxical problem in these instances would be if the state licenses the business and / or person who does the marrying and files the papers. Is this a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony ? Where is the parting line? Most states I would assume would not allow any kind of bias based on sexual preference or race. An interesting conundrum.

    On the other side are the rights of the person performing the ceremony. Can they be compelled to do business with persons they would prefer not to based on their beliefs?

  • Gary

    An interesting question about the rights of those who refuse to perform ceremonies which are contadictory to their religious beliefs. Freedom of Religion is a protected right and should be upheld although their are people who are hostile to it in this country. What about the question of when the religious view is in conflict with the law such as the practice of polygamy? That religious question is settled in the Book of Acts where It is said that one man and one woman is the way God intended it from the beginning;However there are religions who would still want to practice it. I beleive that more damage is done to religious freedom by forcing its followers to engage in activities that violate its tenants. There are also Churches that do accept the Homosexual lifestyle although that would be considered sinful by the majority of Christian Denominations. There is a battle going on now between the Epsiocopalians and the Anglicans over this issue. The Episcopal church is a delineate of the Anglican Church and the Anglicans are still opposed to Gay marriage.

  • Pzatchok

    If they turned down Muslims and Buddhists would everyone still be just as upset?

    Its their business and their beliefs. Think of it as a private club, its not a government establishment or public accessed area like a park.

    The left is going to try pushing this along the idea that since any business gets a permit to operate then they are all government established and thus all are accessible to everyone. They will ignore the fact that business owners are required to get permits from the government, that part is not voluntary.

    As soon as a possible I think the KKK should gave a HUGE group wedding in a similar but gay establishment just to see if they would be turned down by the owners or not. I bet they would.

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