A citizen pulls over a cop and issues him a warning

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Watch the video below the fold. The citizen saw a cop on patrol in an unmarked car, which is illegal in Washington, and flagged him down to tell him that he was in violation of the law.

Seim then went through all the normal steps of a traffic stop: taking the officer’s name and asking to see his license. Then after a lengthy discussion about the law, Seim let him off with a warning. He urged the officer to speak with his bosses about their illegal patrol cars.



  • danae

    “You be safe out there, Mr. Canfield.” Too funny!

    Hats off to Mr. Seim. The law’s the law, and it’s time enforcement officers recognize that they’re not exempt.

  • wodun

    He was lucky that the cop was in a good mood. Also, did you notice the license plate scanner?

  • danae

    It shouldn’t matter whether the officer is in a good mood, or not. I’d say he behaved very professionally, and would make a good candidate for the WSP, which does a better job than most law enforcement agencies in indoctrinating its officers to understand that their job is to serve and protect the motoring public. And, no, I didn’t see the license plate scanner. Do you think its presence negates Mr. Seim’s argument?

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