A comprehensive list of Lois Lerner’s partisan effort to use the IRS to attack conservatives.

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Working for the Democratic Party: A comprehensive list of Lois Lerner’s partisan effort to use the IRS to attack conservatives.

The Democrats in Congress, who have been circling the wagons to defend Lerner, really do remind me here of the Republicans in Congress in 1973. At that time, the Watergate scandal was unfolding, and Republicans were doing everything they could to defend Nixon, even though the evidence was very much against him. The consequence then for the Republican Party was election day 1974, when they experienced devastating losses.

In the end those loses forced reform in the Republican Party. The time has come for the Democratic Party to undergo the same reform process.



  • wodun

    “The consequence then for the Republican Party was election day 1974, when they experienced devastating losses.”

    I don’t think Democrats will be affected electorally. The networks wont even cover this story. Most people have no idea what has happened and the Democrats who do seem to like it.

  • ‘Reform’ implies adjustment to a fundamentally sound premise. The Democrat Party is based on a morally bankrupt and inherently flawed ideology. The Democrats don’t need reform so much as a reality check.

  • Michael Green

    The problem too is the time between the initial Obamacare problems and the elections. Americans have such a short memory and attention span that they won’t consider anything that is not immediately in their face when it comes election time. There are those who would argue that the last presidential election was won for Obama by “super storm” Sandy and Mr. Obama’s “caring” response to those devastated by it. If the electorate were more thoughtful and intelligent about it we wouldn’t be witness to the downfall of the country. After watching the country go from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan I thought perhaps Americans had come to their senses but, no, here we are again. It’s hard to believe we have the people in charge who are now in charge. I’ve had to stop following the broadcast news lest I inadvertently wind up being tortured by the sound of Obama’s or Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry Ried’s voice and the words thereby delivered.

  • Publius 2

    It is possible that the dishonest and despicable actions of the mainstream media will not be able to prevent a massive electoral upset this fall. It happened in 2010 and took them by surprise. But it is true that the difference between now and 1974 is that the media are on the Democrats’ side, whereas they had been digging relentlessly into the Watergate scandal. Would that they would behave the same way now. What if we did have dozens of Woodwards and Bernsteins pursuing Benghazi, the IRS actions against conservative groups, the use of NSA information for political purposes, the lawlessness of the Department of Justice (including on “Fast and Furious”), and many more — including the connection between Harry Reid’s donors and the standoff between the BLM and the rancher in Nevada. None of this would have happened — including the election and re-election of Barack Obama — if the country had an objective, professional, dedicated news media to force this administration into accountability. What is even more incomprehensible is that they do not even seem to recognize the cost of their irresponsible behavior, certainly to the people of the country, but also to their own bottom lines.

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