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A Connecticut community college suspended a student because he dared question the Connecticut governor about his support of gun control.

Fascism: A Connecticut community college suspended a student because he dared question the Connecticut governor about his support of gun control.

The student, Nicholas Saucier, tried to get [Democratic Govenor Dannel] Malloy to answer questions about his support for gun control legislation, which has put Saucier’s ammunition manufacturing business in jeopardy. Saucier followed Malloy to his car after the governor finished speaking at a public forum at Asnuntuck Community College. The exchange took place in October of last year, and was captured on video.

Shortly thereafter, Saucier received notice from the administration that he was suspended on grounds that his “continued presence on campus would present a danger to the persons, property and/or academic process of the College.”

If you follow the link you can watch the video. It is very clear that this student behaved reasonably and without threat. I wonder if maybe the governor made a call to the dean of the college afterward which prompted their actions.

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  • wodun

    Wow, never even heard of that happening to glitter bombers or people trying to make citizen’s arrests.

  • Cotour

    Just like the “Climate Change” issue is “over” so too is the issue of gun control and the second amendment in many ignorant to the facts peoples minds. Bill Maher also does not understand guns or the Second Amendment. But he certainly has one, but he does not “love” it. Like that albatross is actually relevant to the issue.

    First you must understand the intent of the Second Amendment and the second part of the conversation is to what degree should states control them in public settings. Many group these issues into one statement, “I Hate Guns”. Which has nothing to do with anything, just an emotional reaction to something that serves its purpose in keeping the balance between the peoples freedoms and governments abuses of power.

    We as humans tend to see government as a “good” and paternal entity and the reality is that government is actually the peoples adversary. These lines between the two are not crisp clean defined lines they are blurred and that fact is where confusion, manipulation and abuse of power lives.

    There is the people, there is the government and there is the Constitution interpreted by the Supreme Court that is the fulcrum.

  • Edward

    “There is the people, there is the government and there is the Constitution interpreted by the Supreme Court that is the fulcrum.”

    Of course, when the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution, it is the branch of government that is telling the rest of government whether or not it can be tyrannical. A ruling one way is in favor of freedom for We the People, and a ruling the other way is in favor of tyranny by the government.

    The amazing part is how we believed, as children, our government-employed teachers when they told us that the Supreme Court was there to protect our rights. Ruling after ruling have proved otherwise.

    Then there is Bill Maher, who confuses the love of the freedom to protect oneself with love of the object used to protect oneself. I am sure that he, like most other gun owners, loves the ability to protect himself “in case of an emergency,” when seconds count and the police are minutes away. It is interesting that he would remove that ability for everyone else, though. Or is he projecting a secret desire to use his gun on people he disagrees with onto people who disagree with him? Maybe he thinks that if the people who disagree with him are disarmed, then there will be no bad guys to create an “emergency.” That no one will think that they are entitled to break into his house and take his stuff.

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