A cop stops a student from handing out copies of the Constitution, on Constitution Day.

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Free speech in modern America: A cop stops a student from handing out copies of the Constitution, on Constitution Day. Video here.

The video is so egregious that I have embedded it below the fold. Watch the college bureaucrat tell the student he has to schedule his speech, and that the next date is weeks away.



  • Steven D. Stein

    The kid is right. He has the right to peaceably assemble. What possible reason could there be for that institution to prevent him from proceeding? If he was organizing some big rally I could see the sense in scheduling and paperwork, etc. But one man, handing out literature on any topic peaceably should not be interfered with. I hope he pursues the point with the administration up to and including a law suit on the violation of his Constitutional Rights. Wake up America. Our rights are under attack. Time to Stand UP and fight back. My hat is off to the young man.

    By the way, when and where did this occur?

  • Steven D. Stein

    On second viewing I see it is at Modesto Jr. College recently. California. Big surprise. This is all about control. Everything the Left is doing is about controling what people think and do. They think they know best. I hope they realize that all these attempts at controling the citizenry can only end poorly for them in the long run.

  • wodun

    He should have said he was with OWS or dressed up as a giant vagina.

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