A Democratic voter discovers he’s actually a tea party racist.

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A Democratic voter discovers he’s actually a tea party racist.

Today was a bad day. After meeting with my tax accountant, I am now cutting a very large check to the State of California, all of which resulted from Proposition 30 and the “retroactive tax” that was levied on my 2012 income. This despite the fact that I already paid my 2012 taxes back in September.

While the law stipulates that I must surrender this money, I refuse to acknowledge this as a tax at all. This is not a tax. This is an asset seizure plain and simple. The term “retroactive tax” is a despicable euphemism. It is no different than when Hugo Chavez used the benign-sounding “nationalize” to describe his seizure of private property in Venezuela.

He then notes that he is not a tea party member or even a Republican and that he voted for Obama twice.

Wanna bet that in the next election he’ll still vote Democratic? Based on the history of the past three decades, I expect that even after this experience, he will still refuse to abandon the faction he has adopted (the Democratic Party) and change his vote.



  • jwing

    When the mass media and Hollywood’s pop-culture change agents can unabashedly stump for Obama, we get “useful idiots” like this man.

    Qui es veritas? What is truth? Well, …we’re now seeing the fruits of a one-sided control over truth in a science turned on its head (i.e. global warming fiasco) and in the average middle class american voting, in two successive general elections, against their best and their childrens’ best economic interests.

    Hope and change, my *%$$#!

  • “He then notes that he is not a tea party member or even a Republican and that he voted for Obama twice”

    Do these people honestly think that if they vote the ‘right’ way, that they will somehow not be subject to the laws they voted for? I agree with your opinion that this person will continue to vote for Democrats. More proof, as if any is needed, that these people aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are.

  • D. K. Williams

    When they raise his tax again, he will move to Nevada and vote for Demoscats there.

  • Matt Ponas

    They get just what they deserve… The VERY sad truth is that they’ll move out of CA and ‘infect’ where they settle with their liberal CRAP. It’s PROOF that liberals are just plain STUPID…. They do stupid things, and don’t expect for it to affect ‘them’ because they honestly believe that THEY are the ‘beautiful-people’ and should be better than those that should be “regulated”…

  • I’ve seen this happen in Oregon and North Carolina. People screw up where they live, and then move elsewhere and try the same things over again. They just don’t learn. I’d love to have a large enough newspaper to hit them on the nose.

  • wodun

    But then he said he is moving to NYC and is cool with what they are doing.

  • Patrick Ritchie

    There are plenty of reasons that one might vote democrat and still value fiscal prudence, especially given how bad Bush was on this score.

    A few examples: gay marriage, the war in Iraq, legalization of marijuana.

  • Pzatchok

    In my opinion.

    This is the typical example of a liberal.
    He voted what he was told was the right thing to do. He has never had to really think about something political. He has regurgitated the talking points but never really thought about the consequences of what or who he was voting for.

    He’s not a chess player thinking two, three,or even more moves ahead. Like Bloombergs new gun law. He outlawed all mags having more than 7 rounds. Then found out that he didn’t exempt his own police forces and had to change the law. Then found out manufacturers don’t make just 7 round mags. so he had to amend it again up to 10 rounders.

    This guy never thought about how the laws and people he voted for would effect him. In the back of his head he thought he was different than the rest. Not necessarily better just different. Different enough that he would not be effected. He never thought of himself as one of those “rich guys”, then he found out he was.

    By moving out of a liberal he in effect removes any chance of further finding out that he is not a true liberal or a democrat. By moving into a more conservative area he is removing that chance of being labeled “that guy” again. He’s subconsciously letting the republican/conservatives run things for a while.(actually run things the way he like them run) He will eventually pee in his own Cheerios and start to vote in liberals who will turn his new area into what he ran from.
    All the time never thinking he was the one ruining the place he was living in.

  • The tax rate is lower in New York?

  • jwing

    Right before leaving my home town of the Bronx with my wife in Dec. of 1993 for ever, we did one last positive thing and voted for for Rudy Gulianni for mayor. At the time, the yearly murder rate in the city was around 2500/year. Rudy not only cleaned up the subways and parks, but he started community oriented policing (C.O.P.) using the “broken window theory” to reduce crime infested neighborhoods. This current clown of a mayor, Doomberg, has turned the city into a facistic, do-good or pay the price place.

    You couldn’t entice me to move back to that rotten Apple for all the money in the latest Powerball lottery.

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