A detailed analysis of the recent seemingly pro-Israel remarks by the Saudi leader

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Link here. The analysis takes a close look at what Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman really said about Israel’s right to exist, and found that, while much of what he said was hopeful, it was couched in enough vagueness that no one should celebrate too wildly.

In short, Muhammad said nothing revolutionary. He bore no glad tidings of a strategic shift in the Saudi Islam or in the manner that the Saudis relate to the world, including the Jews.

Which brings us back to the main question. What did we learn from this interview? The most significant thing that came out of the interview is that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince is very keen to cooperate with the US and with Israel in everything related to defeating what he refers to as the “triangle of evil.”

The three sides of his triangle are Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the terrorist groups the Muslim Brotherhood has spawned, including al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

Saudi Arabia is still an Islamic country run by the corrupt and violent Arabian culture. As noted elsewhere in the article,

The problem is that Muhammad’s regime is built on shaky foundations. Muhammad instigated a blood feud with powerful forces within his family when he carried out a string of arrests last year. Among those arrested were several prominent princes.

Rhode [a Middle East expert] explains that the Saudi ruling clan divvied up the organs of government among branches of the family. For instance, one branch controls the Defense Ministry, another controls the Education Ministry, and so on down the line.

“In the Islamic world, humiliation is worse than death,” Rhode notes. “When Muhammad arrested the other princes, he humiliated them,” Rhode says. “And they will never forgive him. They will wait for the day they can exact revenge for their humiliation even if it only comes when their great-grandchildren have succeeded them.”

We cannot trust them very much, but we can take advantage of their internal conflicts to push them in a more reasonable direction.



  • Cotour

    Saudi Arabia’s alignment / realignment with the United States / president Trump after the subversive and anti American actions of the last 8 years of the Obama administration is significant and consequential in many ways.

    While the Saudi’s may not fully embrace and “Love” Israel and its existence this power move by the Crown Prince bodes well for the future, they need strong relations with America if they desire to advance into a modern and comfortable place for the world to invest their money, plain and simple.

    As there oil dominance wains they must become a place of perceived safety and modernity. Their incentives are high to accomplish this goal. You can ask Prince Bin Talal about the agenda, he is fully on board with it and supports his cousin Crown Prince Salman 110% (Or else)

  • wodun

    Well A, its the ME so no one should get their hopes up and B, Turkey shows us just how hard lasting change is to make in the region.

    IIRC, MBS said the Jews and the Palestinians should have their own land to live on.

    There once was a two state solution with Israel and Trans Jordan but that wasn’t accepted. Prior to that things were stickier because it was all the last caliphate, the Ottoman Empire. After they lost the war, their lands were divided and the population called the Palestinians today were really Egyptians and Jordanians. There were population exchanges that went both ways with Jews leaving Muslim lands and some Muslims leaving Jewish land. This history has to be acknowledge because it renders the right of return as a bogus claim.

    Considering how the various Muslim factions fight against each other for dominance, there really needs to be a three state solution. Gaza and the West Bank should be their own countries. They can’t function practically as a single country and don’t now. Any refugees living abroad should be allowed to return to Gaza or the West bank or their host countries should allow them to become citizens, after all they were once fellow countrymen. The only problem is that the people in the West Bank and Gaza prefer theocratic dictators.

    To solve the problem in the long run it will take the Muslims to recognize the Jews right to exist but that means major cultural changes in how they inculcate their children through education systems and any long term prosperity for them could mean imposing a form of government on them that prevents theocratic dictators from having power.

    Perhaps the Saudis can help here but this problem has been around for so long because of the myriad of things that need to change in order to solve it.

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