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A detailed look at Trump’s positions

This link provides a very detailed but thorough summary of the political positions that Donald Trump has taken in the past year during his presidential campaign. Take a look, as it does a nice job of listing his stance on almost all the important issues that appear to concern Americans at this time. His conclusion is telling:

Except for immigration, foreign policy, and energy, all of Trump’s contemporary positions are more identifiable with liberal positions, which is not surprising, considering he has spent most of his life as a liberal Democrat. Now, if you’re a conservative and immigration is your number-one issue, you can still justify a vote for Donald Trump. But Ted Cruz is almost as good – promising to build a wall, oppose amnesty, and enforce the law – and he’s much better on just about every other issue.

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  • Cotour

    But who is more electable?

    Trump has the ability to morph into an acceptable choice (He is an American meatball) for independents and disenchanted democrats, Cruz on the other hand is seen as being a more fire and brim stone conservative. Cruz will have trouble appealing to disenchanted women and gay persons looking for an alternative, Trump can appeal to both because he will be perceived as being reasonable and benevolent. And he will probably be a mixed bag, but he will be an American mixed bag.

    IMO Trump has the ability to pull it off and win. I will gladly accept either, but I want to win! America as it was constituted lives or dies based on this next election primarily because the next president gets to select two or maybe three Supreme Court Justices. And if the Supreme Court is further weakened (John Roberts) America as we know and love it is all over.

    Any way you look at it the status quo will not do, someone who has the ability to actually lead and shake things up MUST prevail.

  • pzatchok

    I would rather have Cruz as the republican candidate and hope he is,

    In the end I would vote for Ren and Stimpy over the Hiibeast all week long.

  • Tom Billings

    Electing Trump will bring little different than what Hillary would. Perhaps a mirror image, on the surface, could be maintained, but the engrossment of the State would continue to accelerate. Thus, the Republican establishment would continue to be sucked ever more into bidding for what will buy votes, and away from whatever will free civil society from the State. A likely tactical victory, with a likely negative strategic result, inside US society.

    In foreign policy, after the bluster, he will be no more distant from the foreign dictators who have bought the top 10 percent of State Department careerists than Hillary will be. Perhaps because of a lack of previous failure there, he will not have quite the political need to show how tough he is. Of the hole that Obama will leave us and industrial society around the world at the bottom of, I still see nothing he would do that will dig us out. His “art of the deal” never has had to include the rivers of blood Obama’s tenure will leave welling up as the Caliphate broadens its appeal.

    True, Cruz has yet to utter the truth, that what the US and its dwindling allies are fighting is the revival of an imperial Caliphate with the same world-wide aspirations as the 7th century imperial Caliphate, but I believe he is closer to that view. He *may* may be willing to say in public that *all* “Islamist” groups have that revival at the base of their ideology, and that hope for position in an imperial hierarchy drawing support from the Ummah of Islam.

  • Cotour

    I believe that in general Trump will have broad appeal in major ways to:

    1. Women (Trump has a record of employing and paying well major numbers of capable women for decades, no phony political BS. A friend of mine used to work for Trump, he still carry’s his Trump ID with him, says he was hands down the best to work for.)

    2. Hispanics (no Hispanic that is a citizen and came here legally endorses open borders and will agree for the most part with Trump when it comes to border control and jobs security. They grow weary of the Democrats constant lying and deceit)

    3. Blacks in general (the biggest losers in the Democrat leaderships open borders policy in order to pack the voting booths, black Americans. Trump will drive this point right up Hillary’s pants suit. My prediction is that they will vote in higher numbers than anticipated not that they will vote in droves for him. They are under the powerful spell of the modern slave masters of dependency, the Democrat party. I would love to see them all vote for something and against the Democrats. Maybe in time.)

    4. Gays. In general they IMO are one issue voters and that one issue, like it or not, has been settled, they have marriage equality so they have less to lose if they go off of the reservation and vote for Trump.

    5. Males in general (Like his BS or not he is in your face and he is talking pretty straight, men in general, black, white and Hispanic respect that)

    After all of the BS, when you boil it down Trump has more universal leverage in more places where he needs it, Cruz has a more narrow appeal, white males / Bible thumpers / prepers. I believe that the winning strategy will be a Trump / Cruz ticket. I predict that all of the groups listed above will secretly vote for Trump more than expected because they will see him first as an American and second as the best bet for their American future and third they secretly respect him, He is an American meatball.

    Republican leadership will try to force Jeb or Rubio because they are better and more obedient tools. If they are stuck with Trump then they are going to try to figure out how to leverage, black mail or threaten him if he goes too far off the present script. And the present New World Order script has had 30 years invested in it, Trump could screw it all up or play right along in his own way. Can Trump rise above it all and become more than? This country and this world needs a modern George Washington, I don’t know of its possible at this point but that’s what we need.

    Keep in mind, after Trump (or anyone else for that matter) is empowered he becomes your potential enemy, a threat to your freedoms, so the honeymoon will be short. (There is a lot of reference to BS in this post and it is appropriate, we are discussing politics)

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    ABC. Anybody but Clinton.

  • Steve

    Not only anybody but another Clinton, but also anybody but who the RNC picks….. I believe that a good part of support for Trump is because he (and Cruz) are sticking their thumbs in the eye of the RNC, and it’s about GD time it happened.

  • Bill Farrand

    Trump would be destroyed in a general election. The Democrats will roll out the whole “war on women” narrative except with Trump it will be true. The man has such a long history of saying degrading things about women. Also, I am convinced there are a ton of stories out there about people that Trump has screwed over and ruined in his business dealings and through his use of eminent domain. Wait until those stories start coming out. He’d be lucky to win a single state.

  • PeterF

    “there are a ton of stories out there about people that Trump has screwed over and ruined” If there were a “ton” of people Trump screwed, we would already be hearing the stories. I’m sure some poor suckers will be trotted out, but IMO they will mostly turn out to be crooks or democrat tools (probably both) that will be discredited during the next news cycle.
    I’ve never seen a manager that hasn’t pissed some layabout off by firing them “unfairly” when they had bills to pay.

    The “War on Women” crap isn’t going to work on Trump. He doesn’t play by the democrat rule where democrats get a pass while republicans must apologize. (It making the media-types heads explode)

    Hillary is a crook (habitual offender status). She should have been Marta Stewarts’ cellmate but they declined to prosecute her because she was unelected and investigation of a first lady would “embarrass the country in an attempt to politically damage a sitting president”.

    Trump is going to POUND Hillary and her rapist husband. (What kind of a cad would rape a woman whose husband had just committed suicide and went to him for help?) Maybe Hillary should get a job on Wall street. After all, using nothing but the WSJ financial section, she was the most successful cattle futures trader in HISTORY.

  • Steve

    PeterF is correct, Trump has already fired the first warning shot that he will not be like the usual GOP pol. He will not go down without a fight.

    He will however have a big problem with the numbers. There is a sizable group of undecided voters, mostly women, who will vote for Hillary simple because she is a woman. Just like the undecideds that voted for Obama because he was black.

    These voters may or may not be well informed, most will not be, but they will vote.

  • Cotour

    Bill Ferrand:

    Pay attention:

    Trump has a long record of actually empowering and advancing women in his organization. If and when Trump gets Hillary in a debate scenario he will destroy her on the issue and reveal her to be the duplicitous politician and woman that she is. She is much more anti woman and sexist than he has ever been, an enabler and spin doctor for a womanizer. And Trump will skate away from the debate stage as the winner without the stank of beating up on a former first lady / woman.

    Trump is a red blooded American meatball, both American men and women understand him in that way. He loves women / beautiful women, has his issues with them, as we all do, but you come away understanding that in the end he loves and respects them, as most of us do. Not like B. Clinton who has at least 14 women who have publicly / legally identified him as at the minimum a womanizer and at the max. identify him as a brutal rapist. Kind of like Bill Cosby in that respect, no?

    And just as a little additional titilating Hillary tid bit take a look at a picture of a young Chelsea Clinton (before plastic surgery), along side Bill Clinton and then a picture of Webster Hubble, who was a “close” associate of Hillary’s. Tell me what you see. A revelation, no? It was for me.

    (I apologize in advance for this reference but Bill Ferrand brought it up and we are talking about the character of these people in relation to “truth” and this, the dirtiest game that human beings play, politics. If family and how one treats women is going to be the issue in this race then let us weight equally the two, even though she is a woman. While Trump has had his issues when it comes to relationships he comes out far ahead in my mind)

  • Phill O

    My wife suggests that women do not take kindly to Hillary. However, I must agree that there are some women (particularly those with a grudge against men) who will vote for her regardless of criminal charges. Blind faith is not faith but playing the Ostrich card.

  • Cotour

    Yes, there are black people who will vote for a black person because they are black or a Democrat, there are women that will vote for a woman because she is a woman etc. etc. What is important here is that there will be a majority percentage of these people (women, blacks, Hispanics etc) that will vote for Trump over their race, gender or party affiliation because they connect with his American message, either overtly or covertly. And this trend will tend to push the numbers in his favor. IMO anyway.

    I know lots of Democrat women who will never vote for Hillary for all of the reasons that exist to not vote for her.

    This will all become more apparent as things being to solidify after the first primary and the people hear Trump speak more from the heart as compared to Hillary’s speak from her focus groups and polling.

  • Bill Farrand

    For the folks who responded to my post and asked why those stories aren’t coming out about the folks that Trump has screwed over in business and eminent domain takings… I would expect it is because the leftist media is sitting on those stories. If the GOP is dumb enough to make him the nominee, there will be a flood of those stories.

    For the person who said that the “war on women” narrative wouldn’t work on Trump… just dream on. Seriously, you think liberal women or those in the middle would vote for a guy who routinely calls women “bimbos” and “pigs”? Seriously?

    Also, the man is an ignoramus. In the last debate he demonstrated that he doesn’t know that the nuclear triad is. That along disqualifies him for the Presidency.

  • Cotour

    If the triad question was relevant, then then why is Obama the president? Do you really think he knew the answer to that question pre election? Assuming that a candidate “knows everything”, every answer to every question related to being the president is a bit naive, no? I remember him saying, I think is was related to terrorism, that “I will know more in 24 hours about what is going on then all of you” or some to that effect, meaning that he will be read in on the entire security issues facing the president. And I believe him, he is a quick study and assessor of situations and he will surround himself with the best people he can find. Unlike Obama who has surrounded himself with the best Marxists / Maoists. No comparison, like night and day, an American night and day.

    If Trump is an “ignoramus” what does that make Hillary? Sanders? Or any of them? Yeah, he is some ignoramus.

    Trump is an American meatball, get used to meatballs because that’s who it is looking like you will be voting for next November. Get comfortable.

  • pzatchok

    Trump as far as I know does not generalize when he is saying a woman is a bimbo, tramp, or pig.

    As far as I know he is talking about a single person at the time.

    And ALL women can understand those type of statements. Just listen to them talk about other women.

    If anyone has links to anything otherwise please educate me.

  • Cotour


    You are exactly correct.

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