A detailed look at ULA’s proposed Vulcan rocket

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Link here. Not only do they intend to recover and reuse the first stage engines, the rocket’s upper stage will be designed with the ability to be refueled and function as a space tug once it has reached orbit.

Ah, the joy of competition. It accomplishes so much, so quickly. I hope we never return to the feel-good era of “international cooperation.”



  • wodun

    This has all been very exciting lately.

  • Kelly Starks

    Interesting. Boeing and L/M kept hitting a wall with NASA and Congress when they proposed fully reusable cargo craft like DC-X, VentureStar, etc. I wonder if partial reusability like recovering the engines is a fall back that congress/NASA will except?

  • Kelly Starks

    Also interesting that this is a restatement of their announcement a few months ago of a new first stage for the AtlasV that wouldn’t use the RD-180’s.

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