A detailed update on the efforts to contact Philae

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The story is fascinating because the lander’s behavior and response to commands has been quite puzzling. They have had about a half dozen short contacts of varying length, all interspersed with a lot of intermittencies. At the moment they have not entirely given up on Philae, since based on what they know of its location and condition it could remain functional through the end of this year. They also recognize that re-establishing contact is becoming increasingly unlikely. The big hope is that once the comet moves farther away from the sun and becomes less active, they will be able to move Rosetta in closer, when the chances of contact will improve.


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  • PeterF

    I suspect that Phikae may have fallen into a pit.
    Knowledge can be gained even from a failed experiment. Perhaps future landers designed for work on similar bodies will have the capability of locomotion and a more powerful/ less directional transmitter. Its a pity they didn’t have the mass budget to include such a capability into Philae’s design.

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