A disabled security guard was fired for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil.

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An upside down world: A disabled security guard was fired for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil.

The dispute occurred in May when Krause asked a Muslim woman to remove her face scarf thinking he was enforcing the mall’s no-mask policy. Instead of just reprimanding him after informing him that the woman’s veil was a vestige of her religion, Krause was fired after the woman filed a lawsuit of her own.

Without doubt there are real security concerns when someone arrives wearing a full face mask. Muslims might claim this is part of their religion, but it has been used too often by Islamic terrorists to do terrible harm. Moreover, there is real dispute within the religion whether such veils are required.

Finally, from a western perspective requiring women to be masked seems oppressive, even if they choose to do it.



  • JGL

    This is an illustration of the incompatibility of Eastern and Western philosophies as they relate to governance and has the potential to reformulate our Constitution and American life. This story reveals the chink in the Constitution, where people who can only put their religion first can use the First Amendment as a shield to undermine it over time.

    An observant Muslim can not separate religion and governance, governance is subordinate to religion, always. How will this trend express itself in 20, 30, 50 years or more?

  • Pzatchok

    A constitution like ours guaranteeing the equality of everyone irregardless of their religion or lack there of could never have been written by a Muslim.

    Their religion is their form of government. How Islam is interpreted by each sect and how its implemented by the present ruler varies from place to place. But in each case someone not of Islam is not equal. Ever.

  • An important correction: The constitution does not “guarantee the equality of everyone.” It guarantees freedom and equality of opportunity, while limiting the power of government.

    Under these rules, each person can follow their own dreams wherever those dreams might take them. Some individuals, however, are not going to do as well as others. There is no guarantee of equality at all.

  • JGL

    When there are more of” them” then there are of “us”, will the Constitution really matter? They can wait five hundred years, a thousand years. What am I talking about, 30 years!

    In recent news events I heard a quote from, I think it was Morrisy’s vice president. He said, I believe as the army was coming to take them away to jail, “Muslims and democracy can never be! ” or something along those lines.” Believe him he is correct and he knows what he is talking about! This is another truth that Americans and their politicians refuse to believe or recognize because it appears to be politically incorrect. The duality of Islam can never be reformed and governance will always be subservient to their religion.

  • Pzatchok

    Good catch.


  • Pzatchok

    I meant, at least in my head if not my typing hands, that each person is guaranteed equal opportunity under the law, our constitution. They can not be treated differently because of their religion, gender,……

  • Hi Pzatchok,

    I knew you meant that. I just did not want the vagueness of your comment to go past and let others misunderstand.

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