A dishonest “Cosmos”.

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A dishonest “Cosmos”.

A educated religious scholar looks at one piece from the Tyson television series and discovers that its portrayal of religion is wrong and no better than blatant propaganda.

This morning, I watched the cartoon in question and took some notes. Let’s walk through what it gets right and what it gets wrong.

I’m actually not going to draw from any exotic sources for this post. I’m going to try confine what I include here only to things that can be found on the first page of a Google search for Giordano Bruno. This will illustrate more clearly the rank intellectual dishonesty involved in this segment. The truth of the story was never more than five minutes away from host Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his writers, producers, and animators. They opted to tell half-truths and outright lies instead. [emphasis mine]

I am not surprised. I said that we should expect this. Tyson’s job is to be front man for the modern shibboleths of the leftwing academic society, and this series is going to pound them home, regardless of the facts.



  • Bill Blomberg

    What a shameful waste for the next generation who will view Cosmos… :(

  • Chris Kirkendall

    We should’ve known there was something fishy about this iteration of “Cosmos” right from the start – Barack Obama HIMSELF introduced the opening episode! At the time I was just annoyed & refused to watch – I mean, come ON – does this guy have to be EVERYWHERE? He’s on every late-nite TV show, he’s on right before the Super Bowl & seemingly needs to have his face on camera at every big event. ENOUGH already! My thought at the time was, “What the does Obama have to do with this?” – well, now we know! Anything that would use pure propaganda & disparage Christianity would naturally be right up his alley. Mystery solved…

  • wade

    As the first 3 episodes was taping, i listened to a Live interview with Tyson. He spoke highly of Sagan but differed . I won’t go into what I know or ,even Argue with his statements. Yet , he Delivered a somewhat Scripted version as to the What Is Known.

  • wade

    In essence , “give me a Lot of Money , and I will say Anything you Want” . And , along This point, I, myself will Challenge Mr. Tyson to confront Me on “what is Actually Known” as to “what can be said” .

  • Robert Clark

    Let’s be real here. The only reason the author of the blog didn’t like the Bruno segment is because it described the Church burning Bruno for disagreeing with their teachings.
    Yep, the Church never did that during the middle ages alright …

    Bob Clark

  • Pzatchok

    Are you serious?

    I do not think the owner of this blog is even Catholic.

    But go on about you ideas. I would love to hear more about your views of the Catholic church.

  • So. You didn’t actually read the article then?

  • Pzatchok

    Actually the Catholic church did not. The church would just find them guilty and then hand them over to the government. The government had final say and did any executions or tortures.

    The Spanish Inquisition was a wholly governmental deed.

    In almost 200 years of the Catholic Inquisition less than 2000 people were found guilty and executed. None were Muslim or Jew. Only Catholics were questioned.

    The Spanish inquisition did cover Muslims and Jews though and went on until 1834. And even included the Americas. They killed well over 2000 people.

    Please don’t mix the 2 up.

    You could compare any of it to the fall the Constantinople to the Turks. Where almost 4000 defenders died in the 50 day siege. Then after the city fell an untold (estimated in the thousands) number of citizens were executed and over 30,000 were sold into slavery.

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