A failed fuel line in the upper stage has been pinpointed as the probably cause of the Russian Proton rocket failure on Tuesday.

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A failed fuel line in the upper stage has been pinpointed as the probably cause of the Russian Proton rocket failure on Tuesday.

In related news, the Russian prime minister said today that he intends to name and shame the officials responsible for the rocket failure.

“I would like to hold a meeting on this next week. It will be prepared by the appropriate deputy prime minister and structures. They are tasked with reporting who should be punished and what to do next,” Medvedev told a government meeting in Moscow. He also said Russia’s space failures “could not be tolerated anymore.”

Do tell. With SpaceX’s cheaper prices looming over them, Russia’s government-owned commercial rocket business can’t afford rocket failures as well. If they don’t fix this soon, their business will evaporate, and Medvedev knows it.


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  • JGL

    Symbolic firing or worse does not fix systemic or design flaws.

    Excellence, like NASA’s Curiosty’s success, does not come at the barrel of a gun, while fear can be a motivator, excellence is its own reward.

    Its like the difference between command and market based systems.

    The Chinese command that multiple entire cities be built and they remain empty, there is no market, no demand for them. Donald Trump

    builds a city because market forces create a demand, and a profit motive.

    For example, Barak Obama is a command model kinda guy.

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