A father is arrested merely because he wants to pick up his kids from school and walk home with them.

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Thugs: A father is arrested merely because he wants to pick up his kids from school and walk home with them.

Watch the video below the fold. It ends with the police officer physically hitting the person with the camera.

I can think of no sane reason why a school would not release this man’s children to him. What difference does it make whether he leaves on foot or in a car?



  • Rocco Erne

    Thug is correct. The Sheriff in the video is really not using common sense. I can see this character shooting someone who truly resisted arrest or started screaming and cursing this cop. In my opinion cops like this who use the shield as a power trip need to be FIRED! This cop give all good cops a bad name.

  • Cotour

    I can not believe what I just saw.

  • JWing

    It’s amazing to see this peace officer behave in such an unprofessional, inflexible, unaccommodating, and petulant manner because he perceives himself to have the authority and police power. He never mitigates; he simply expects this reasonable father to comply without question.

    Whenever you give a low IQ goober a uniform with a shiny badge and a gun, you are guarantee this kind of behavior.

  • Cotour

    Tennessee and New Mexico are definitely of my lists of states to visit. Did anyone see the video of the woman with the car full of kids that the New Mexico police shot at because she drove away from the cop?

    A couple of weeks before there was that story of the guy that was cavity searched, CT scanned and was administered multiple enemas in order to establish that he was hiding drugs? Nothing was found.

    I would say that she had plenty of cause to drive away.

  • Joe

    I am going to borrow a phrase from Robert, jack booted thugs!


    Center for disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children walk to and from school to promote health.

  • Pzatchok

    Our schools have a policy of not allowing the parents to pick up their children 30 minutes before schools lets out. Unless its an emergency.
    They don’t want 50parents jamming up the office everyday.

    But they are allowed to wait for them outside the building off to the side.
    Its because so many parents show up to walk their children home that they just want to make sure the children have a clear path to walk out of the school in an orderly manner away from the buses.

    This is for the elementary school children only.

    If their school is like ours it looks like this father wanted to take his kid out of school just as the school was being let out. (The signal went off letting the kids out.)
    He can’t be treated special or different than the other parents just because he wants to.

    The cop did handle it wrong but the parent was passively aggressively pushing the situation.
    He also came prepared for it because his wife brought the camera. So obviously he was told all this before and still just wanted special treatment.
    He probably wants to get his kid out first because she is a special needs child. In some ways I can’t fault hi for that but I bet she is not the only special needs child in the school.

    It looks like the office secretary was making the father fill out an early release form. Enough of those and the child might just get in trouble for truancy.
    School districts has lawyers on retained just for situations like this.

    Some schools don’t play around with parents anymore.

    I can see the outcome of this already.

    The parents will lose in court and in the end just pull their kid from school and home school them.

    The father already lost this round. He was trespassing as soon as he broke the known rules.

  • Garry

    Maybe I missed something in the video; how did he break the rules? In my mind, he argued about the rules, but didn’t actually break any.

  • BSJ

    Brought a camera? Those new fangled phones the kids have theses days have cameras built right in ’em.

    It’s the 21st century! Catch up.

  • Pzatchok

    Let me clarify then.

    He brought his own camera crew.
    He knew he was making trouble otherwise he would have left her in the car.
    He was prepared to get arrested. So obviously he had been told on previous days not to do what he was doing.

    Don’t have sympathy for him, he knew it would happen, he planned for it and thus brought it about himself.
    For this reason alone unless he has a real compelling reason to be treated differently than any other parent then he will lose in court. At best he will have to lose days of work, possibly hire a lawyer and then have it all tossed out because the judge thinks his costs have already outstripped the possible fines.

  • Cotour

    What do you do when the authorities have made what you believe is an unreasonable rule or law? Just get in line?

  • Cotour

    The policy appears to be unreasonable in that if a parent comes personally to pick up his children, that he should be able to collect them and take them home without incident. It appears that if you do come to pick up your children on foot you have to wait until all of the people who pick their children up in cars before a person on foot may then take their children home. Up to an hour or much more. Is that reasonable?

    This father seemed a reasonable person that was tired of the authority infringing on his time and rights, and so what that he had someone recording his action. Tthat goes to his collecting evidence so the police officer can not manipulate the situation.

    I agree with him.


  • Edward

    I’m not so sure that it was an intentional confrontation. The filming started after the argument began. Leaving the girlfriend in the car may not have been the best option, considering that the line was so long that parking would have been far from the school, and she may not have wanted to sit by herself for such a long time.

    As with the kids, her phone was likely to come with its own camera.

    He already had been arrested and knew the consequences; he was prepared for them, not necessarily as a planned protest/civil disobedience. As for the rest of us, we are reluctant for that first bad experience, so it can be difficult to understand someone who won’t back down under such circumstances. The video suggests that there has been previous poor governance either at that school or (unlikely) in that town.

    Finally, I don’t think that he needs any sympathy, but he is telling us that his school district’s rules are even more stupid than everyone else’s, and that security there is perfectly willing to bully parents into submission of those unreasonable rules. To which I agree.

    What is a parent to do if his child has an important doctor’s appointment or other activity? None of those families are able to reasonably plan out their evenings, as they have no idea when any given evening begins, and the afternoons are now shot by sitting in long car lines. What a crock!

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