A GAO audit of NASA’s Orion capsule says the program faces delays and budget overruns.

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A report by NASA’s inspector general of the Orion program says it faces delays and budget overruns.

I’m not surprised. The audit [pdf] tried to put a good spin on NASA’s effort to build this capsule, but you can’t make a beauty queen out of a cockroach. Even though I truly believe that the agency has worked hard to try to contain costs and meet its schedule, it is impossible for NASA to succeed at this under the constrains imposed on it by Congress.

And then there is this:

Meanwhile, although [the] report focused on Orion, it also reiterated an oft-repeated point: The money NASA has said it will spend on SLS, Orion and associated ground systems is not enough to stage a mission to any extraterrestrial surface. “Given the time and money necessary to develop landers and associated systems, it is unlikely that NASA would be able to conduct any surface exploration missions until the late 2020s at the earliest,” the report says. “NASA astronauts will be limited to orbital missions using” Orion.

In other words, this very expensive project will not go anywhere for almost two decades. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?



  • Pzatchok

    Like I have said. NASA is nothing more than an employment agency.

    Either its engineers looking to keep their jobs or politicians looking to keep the work local and as expensive as possible.

  • wade

    like i Said nearly a year ago… this Bird will Never fly. and it only exists to funnel tax money into the Real projects that remain Secret to the Public

  • D. K. Williams

    NASA is broken because our government is broken. Let private space do the job.

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