A good summary of the present American manned space situation

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Clark Lindsey has put together a very succinct but thorough summary of the present and future state of American manned space.

The bottom line is that the U.S. can easily have multiple rockets and spaceships to put people into space, in only a few short years, if only our government will get out of the way.



  • Joe2

    Good, let the government get out of the way, by entirely defunding “Commercial Space”. Then watch the howling begin. Maybe not by you and Lindsey, but by the actual participants.

  • Kelly Starks

    Commercial space … interesting term given they are dependant on NASA grants and contracts, and NASA/Congress’ willingness to let them skip over a lot of the hoops they make the normal contractors go through – and except theym still costing more then the traditional vendors.

    NASA should commercialise their operations more, but the current “commercial space” programs are not a path toward that.

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