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A good summary of the status of the election political battle

Link here. The author, William Jacobson, always has a solid legal grounding on the political warfare that is on-going today in America. In this case he argues correctly that the key has always been winning elections, and that the Republicans have consistently failed to play that game hard. They didn’t fight the use of loosely regulated mail-in ballotss They didn’t fight ballot harvesting. They didn’t reject the use of Dominion software. And he gives a classic example in Wisconsin, whose Supreme Court has rejected election lawsuits partly because of the following reason:

There is no better example of why elections matter, and how the 2020 presidential election was lost months ago. Liberal Jill Karofsky defeated conservative sitting Justice Daniel Kelly in an April 2020 election the Wisconsin Republicans completely botched by allowing it to take place the same date as the Democratic presidential primary. Guess who turned out to vote? Democrats. That took the court down to a nominal 4-3 conservative majority, with Justice Brian Hagedorn the weak conservative link.

In many other states, legal and political battles were fought strategically by Democrats over the several months leading up to the election. Democrats organized for a mail-in election, Republicans didn’t. Republicans were out-organized, out-hustled, and out-lawyered.

Even now the Republicans in Georgia are not gearing up to deal with potential election fraud in the upcoming Senatorial runoff elections that will determine who controls the Senate. They are fiddling around as the entire credibility of the election process burns. The odds of them winning even one of those two run-offs I rate is low, because not only will the same cheating take place by the Democrats, Republican voters will not come out to vote, because they don’t see their party as a useful party to vote for.

And yet, the most important and only task Republican-controlled state legislatures have right now is to insure that fraud cannot happen in future elections. It is their last hill to stand on. That in Georgia they seem uninterested in dealing with this now, before these runoffs, tells us how weakly they will likely fight in other states in the coming years.

And if they don’t fight, they will lose. It is that simple.

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  • janyuary

    When Democrats win, leftism increases in only one party: the Democrat party.

    When lefty Republicans win because of people voting “against” Democrats on the oxymoronic logic of “lesser evil,” leftism increases in both parties.

    And here we are.

  • Questioner

    As a foreigner, I see things from the outside. I have the firm impression that the US population is more or less divided into two large, ideologically separate parts that are so divided that they can no longer assemble under one government or live together in one state. (We are not that far in Europe yet, but we are also on the way there). Each side only has contempt for the other side.

    That’s usually the recipe for civil war. One side can no longer stand the other. There has to be a separation, unless one side rules the other in a tyrannic or authoritarian manner and the other side is to be completely suppressed or even eliminated. By the way, the dividing line in European countries does not follow the classic right-left scheme.

  • CAPT Constitution

    Q’er-It doesn’t help when one side in America sees the potential for (or actual) fraud as a negative, and the other side sees it as a positive. Ensuring legitimate suffrage isn’t bigotry (or any kind of -ism), and both sides’ “leadership” know it.

    Which side propagandizes for the disenfranchisement of citizens (via railing against measures such as voter ID and via promoting schemes, like ‘ballot harvesting’, that make elections easier to manipulate)? …and why is that? What is left of the American Republic if half are disenfranchised after nearly 80+ years of ignoring our Constitution?

    Lol, the Leftist plebeians wondered how they got Trump (the Leftist leadership knew why)…those plebes will soon wonder why Normals have chosen to start fighting back (with a subsequent spike in violence).

    That said…I hope the CW2 (really CW3 when you consider 1775-1781) *doesn’t* go ‘hot.’

  • Ian C.


    “By the way, the dividing line in European countries does not follow the classic right-left scheme.”

    Racial/ethnic (as in natives vs. hostile immigrants (the special kind (you know who I’m talking about)))? Religious (Catholics vs. Protestants or Christians vs. Muslims)? Cultural (Northerners vs. Southerners)? Jews vs. Gentiles? Western Globalists vs. Eastern Nationalists?

  • LocalFluff

    In Sweden, all politicians always agree completely on every issue. The only dividing line here is between the millions of recently immigrated islamists, and the rest whom they will murder. But they run their own stone age clan states completely isolated from Swedish law and do not participate in the traditional political life. Other than by bribes and extortions of ministers and party leaders to give them billions of dollars of tax payers’ money.

    For example, the islamists already hold 100,000s of slaves in sweatshops in Sweden with dangerous jobs, no pay, unacceptably overcrowded primitive housing and no freedom to walk away from it because of violent threats and punishments. The National Audit Office the other day noted in a report that the quickly expanding slavery is a problem that is completely ignored by all authorities and politicians. Since new laws against this previously completely unheard of phenomena were put in place pro forma 15 years ago, only three have been convicted for slave trade, forced labor, human exploitation.

    At the same time those who will be murdered, among them all politicians of all parties, pretend to debate insignificant differences on whether some laws from the 1970s about entitlements for legal and tax paying labor should be slightly adjusted or not. A ridiculously stupid theater without any kind of reality contact at all. Sweden is already a failed state without ability to do anything. It’s just a shadow of an imagination for the mentally ill.

  • Cotour


    This segment from Star Gate reminds me that sometimes being so advanced, civilized and the most egalitarian country on the planet is not always the best condition to live ones life.

    At some point someone will have to get down at the level of those who have been invited into your country and reinstruct them, lest you all have to move.

    We have the Deplorables and the Proud Boys, bikers, patriots and the like, who does Sweden have to take care of such business?

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Akira the Don

    “When they call themselves the Good and the Just, do not forget that they would be Pharisees… if only they had – power!

  • Edward

    You wrote: “When lefty Republicans win because of people voting “against” Democrats on the oxymoronic logic of “lesser evil,” leftism increases in both parties. And here we are.

    Four years ago, when I left the Republican Party, people here were advocating just that: voting for the lesser evil. As I said then, if all you vote for is evil then all you will get is evil, lesser or greater.

    And here we are.

  • janyuary

    Edward: Thank you.

  • LocalFluff

    We have a party founded in 2018 that got 0.3%, or 20,000 votes in the last election. (4% required to get representation). A bit less than the 70+ millions who voted for Trump… They are the only ones who wants to return migrants of the last decade who commit crimes or cannot provide for themselves (according to the Geneva convention refugees are to be returned when conditions are safe enough, on the other hand, no immigrants to Sweden are refugees). Their candidates are almost all of them in their 20s and 30s and all of them have real jobs e.g. soldier, police, priest, physician, engineer which is extremely rare in Swedish politics. Only 2 out of 8 party leaders in parliament has ever had a job, and then only for a couple of years in the 1990s when their laziness made them look for a way to live off others in politics. The rest have been in their party all of their lives, some with a few years at university.

    One can only vote for a party, not a person, so they have all been appointed by their party’s unelected board of directors for personal loyalty. Public disagreements within a party is unheard of since a decade and a half. Incompetence is very meriting since stupid lazy people don’t pose much threat of rivalry. So the competence is degraded in every election as the last batch of stupid people advances in the party hierarchy and themselves must find even stupider people to appoint in order to remain unthreatened. (In Russia and China only unrevealed criminals are appointed so that they can be easily extorted, but in Sweden the system has promoted stupidity instead). All politics happens behind closed doors inside of and between the parties, and no one cares about the society, only about personal benefits. When they have reached the top as party leader or minister, they continue to well paid “jobs” for banks, companies, EU/UN/IMF for whose interests they lobby, using their social networks and personal loyalties inside the party organizations.

    There might be some potential among some non-muslim immigrants who don’t have the Swedish consensus mentality (or cowardice to use another word for it) but can have a will of their own and express it in a public argument against others. You know, the thing you call “debate” which doesn’t exist in Sweden.

    But they are a small fraction of the 1.2 million who immigrated last decade, 13% of the population and the 0.8 million of the previous decade, then 10%. And many of them feel a bit like guests and leave politics to the Swedes. We have about 4 million immigrants, 1st and 2nd generation, and no more than 7 million ethnic Swedes. So ethnic Swedes will become a minority in Sweden in the late or early 2030s depending on whether the migration stabilizes at current level or continues to increase by 50% a decade. An increase is most likely because of the many relatives now anchored here, and the population explosion in muslim countries.

    Also, around 30% of ethnic Swedes are over 60 years old and will reach average life length in the 2030s. And the difficulties for the young to afford own housing is really crushing nativity. The average price for a three room apartment nationally is 12 median yearly salaries ($34,500) after income tax. So the number of ethnic Swedes is shrinking while the on average much younger muslim immigrants on average increase their numbers by 1.5%-2% a year through nativity-mortality. They don’t mind living with three children and grandma and two newly arrived cousins in a two room apartment.

    In the the 3rd largest city Malmoe where I live, 2/3 of the population under 18 years of age are immigrants 1st or 2nd generation. So there exists no “integration” since in schools ethnic Swedes are already a minority. Few muslims have any interest in “getting integrated” anyway. They have a very low opinion about Swedes as cowards and sinful, which I understand and add stupid. I can think of no other people in world history that has exterminated themselves in their home country perfectly democratically and voluntarily in peacetime. What puzzles me the most is that no Swedish parents love their children but leaves them a future as poor slaves in a violent islamic despotism that despises them.

    So, the American who has read this can feel a bit happier about the situation in the USA!

  • Cotour


    That is a sad story. Its is a story of elite social experimentation, faux” morality and the thought that there must be equal outcomes.

    In other words your degree of advancement, egalitarianism, civilization and sophistication has resulted in weakness, stupidity and a self exterminating Swedish model that will result in the Globalist / One World model that many embrace and insist on.

    I hope Andrew W and Jeff F and the like read your account of a country that has traded their freedom for “Equality” and is squarely on the road to destruction. And America is also squarely on the same road.

    The strong will over take the weak, it is the way of the universe.


    (Which does not mean that there can not be rational thought and freedom for all if it is structured within rational parameters)

  • Cotour

    Here is a good example of the same counter intuitive insanity in America. I suspect he is a Soros funded politico.

    Local, you are not alone.

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    Just spoke with a recently retired NYS Supreme court Judge.

    He is totally befuddled with all of the new Leftist legislation that has been installed in NYS.

    Him: “Its outrageous that they have taken away discretion from the judges, what is the point, its ludicrous?”. (Essentially no need for a judicial system any more was his point. There is no longer a judicial system)

    Me: “You are applying reason and rational logic to the execution of the law, these people, and the Leftists in the NYS legislature now have a super majority. What we are witness to is a political agenda and not rational thought process”.

    “This is the result of the Sorosian Liberal / Leftist agenda and his funding these now Leftist Attorney Generals and prosecutors being installed all around America”.

    He asks me: “When do you think it will end? Will it end?”

    “This is political warfare. And I don’t know if you have noticed a common thread here, the name: SOROS.”

    He did not disagree with me.

  • LocalFluff

    One problem is that Sweden doesn’t have any constitution, no law at all that limits the power of the parliament. Anything they decide is automatically law, no court can object to anything regarding content or procedure. In 1809 Sweden lost the province Finland in a war with Russia, and then the previously powerless parliament in a coup d’etat dethroned the dictator king and made his powers their own. However, they did appoint the French marshal Bernadotte to king, with much less power. The purpose was to make friends with Napoleon. But Nappy had already come to disdain Bernadotte who instead declared war on Napoleon and helped defeat him (so parliament didn’t know what they were doing from the onset, but were at least lucky). In civil rule this king, his son and grandson favored liberalizations (and there was ALOT to do there as a meritocrat of the French revolution realized) together with libertarian parliamentarians. That started the industrialization of Sweden in the 1850s. Before that Sweden was the poorest country in all of Europe! All these reforms were done by a small elite completely without the engagement of the people. Swedes have never cared about what the rulers do.

    Another problem is that Sweden never has had any immigration, since the Indo-Europeans settled Europe about 5500 years ago. In 1945, 99%+ of all inhabitants in Sweden were still ethnic Swedes. So the culture has evolved with this as a given. There is so much hidden context in social life, because I know that I can basically trust that any other guy would do what I would’ve done in the same situation, since we all have the same upbringing and heritage. That’s why Swedes aren’t very talkative, we synchronize with subconscious body language. Which is great for coordination and cooperation, and which creates this consensus culture without ability to handle any conflict, because for thousands of years there were no conflicts. Telling someone: “I disagree with you!” is very very hard in Swedish culture, it’s like dropping a nuclear bomb. A fistfight on a Saturday night was just a playful way to impress some girl. Who generally ended up falling for the guy bleeding so that there were no loser. And on Monday the fighters went to work together as normal. Like losing a hockey game, it’s not really a conflict.

    The first time Swedes met foreigners was when in the 1960s charter tourism became popular. So Swedes flew to Spain and Greece and they saw relative poverty and corrupt dictatorships, thinking how sorry for them that they aren’t Swedes too! (I kid you not) Enter socialism=globalism. And within a lifetime Swedes became a minority in Sweden. Swedes think that multiculturalism is charity work, helping those poor oppressed foreigners (easily identifiable by looks) to become as good as we are by allowing them to live here and imitate us, “get integrated” by simply assuming they will understand our unspoken low key body language and customs… Which really is racism at its extreme, utter disrespect for all other cultures. But multiculturalism is per definition to live together with people who think that is wrong which you think is right. And that is a very very bad idea! And still most Swedes, even those born after the 1970s, have an image of Sweden as if it is still as in the 1970s (that decade because by then everyone had a TV and so it is the first decade that is easy to visualize). Only those who grew up in the last couple of decades of quickly escalating crime, collapsing school, health care, homelessness, unemployment think differently. But they don’t know what has been lost, they cannot compare with the past. So they accept it as the natural normal state of things and adapt to living as second rate citizens, a growing Swedish underclass of youths. Their delusional parents don’t notice much and understand nothing, they live in the 1970s.

  • Questioner

    I want to get to the point: Do you also worry about the continued existence of the ethnic group of Swedes as such, i.e. as a genetically characterizable group (genotype) that has evolved over many thousands of years, connected with a certain phenotype that one typically assigns to the Swedes (blonde, blue-eyed, tall figure, well-formed face and body), or just the Swedish Culture?

  • LocalFluff

    Sure, Swedes are fewer than 1/1000 of the world population, without any homeland. And in the coming few decades most of them will be murdered by the islamists, and the few survivors be scattered in the diaspora all over the world. Without any kind of sense for preserving their people, culture or even themselves individually. As is now proven already when there in theory still is a slight chance for parents to give their children a future if very drastic measures were taken immediately. The 20,000 who vote for a change (repatriating the last 4 years of immigrants) are drowned by the 20,000 new immigrants every two months, uninterruptedly since a decade (even corona panic blockades didn’t lower immigration this year).

    The eternal civil war in today’s Sweden between all the clans and ethnicities and factions of islam, some of which supported by despots in Turkey, Iran, Syria and so on, will destabilize Northern Europe. How could Norway with 1/10 of our problem defend its long land border against that combination of Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kurds, Turks and on and on as their neighbor? They will be massacred too. Everyone in the world who hates other people, have established their own autonomous clan states in Sweden already, living off crime and looting the cadaver of the failed Swedish state to which all working Swedes still pay most (60%) of their incomes. Closing their eyes and pretending that they will get a pension or schooling for their children in return, hahaha! The socialists=globalists they voted for their entire lives had other plans.

    Not that it ever was a secret, there has never been any kind of conspiracy involved. The remarkable thing to me, being interested in history, is that I can’t find any kind of precursor in world history. ALL Swedish politicians have for half a century at least shouted out loud that maximizing immigration of islamists and other analphabets to Sweden is their highest priority. So each Swedish voter personally bears the whole responsibility for this, it is a collective multi-million suicide.

    In 1950 Sweden was the richest country in the world, the safest country in the world, the most gender equal country in the world. And some of those who lived then are still around, having voted for exactly this total destruction their entire lives. And none of them have the slightest regrets. They feel “proud”. They were born with the most sadist psychopathic mashed potatoe brains of any generation ever throughout the existence of human kind. It would have been very much better if we had fought in ww2 on the losing side! Then we would have had a problem that could heal with time, this never can.

  • Questioner


    Thank you for the detailed account that makes us concerned. Other European countries follow Sweden closely in terms of the situation described. So there seems to be little or no hope of the Caucasians (as they say in America) or of the European ethnic groups for their further genetic existence. So we will not only be culturally but also genetically wiped out in a relatively short period of time. In your opinion, what explains, if you want to get to the bottom of the matter, how this process came about after WWII (incl. its results)? What do you mean?

  • pzatchok

    If its true that Socialists and even communists think that workers unions are a great thing, then we need to impress on them that nationalism is the very same thing.

    If you want to work in a union shop you have to abide by union rules.
    If you want to join my nation you must abide by the national laws.

    Nationalism is a good thing. It creates continuity and stability in its nation.
    A national language creates unity and understanding.
    National anthems, flags and other symbolism helps to focus pride in the nation.

    The last 60 years of liberalism and the tearing down of America is not logical to their stated goals. Stability and unity of the world.

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