A good summary of the Wikileaks DNC emails

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Link here. This Reddit post essential lists several dozen links to specific DNC emails at the Wikileaks site, all illustrating some pretty unsavory behavior by Democratic Party officials and politicians as well as a number of so-called journalists.

Many of these stories are simply the ordinary dirty business of politics, laid bare to see. Others though reveal the significant levels of corruption that permeate the Democratic Party, levels I think that far worse than anything one could find among the Republicans, bad as that party’s leadership happens to be.

Above all, the emails that document the close teamwork between the press and the Democratic Party are probably the most important. It is not that this is surprising. The emails merely prove it beyond a shadow of doubt. MSNBC and its head Phil Griffin especially are revealed to be nothing more than Democratic operatives, working closely with the DNC to push its agenda.



  • mpthompson

    With DWS announcing her resignation the heads are starting the roll. Will this satiate the Bernie supporters, or are they just starting to get a whiff of blood in the water. With just under half of the delegates at the convention this week being Bernie supporters, things could get very interesting. Then throw BLM into the mix for even more fun. Damn, I don’t think I have enough popcorn on the shelf for this week…

    BTW, last week DWS sent a Tweet to Reince Priebus. She mocked him for friction at the RNC convention and offering her skills as chairman of the DNC to help him sooth things over. Whoops…

  • Phill O

    CNN is trying to suggest Putin did the hacking to help Trump!

    MSNBC is downplaying it big time.

  • wayne

    “I’m shocked to find that gambling is going on here”

  • mpthompson

    Phill O, there is no real evidence that Putin is behind the leaks. It’s just wishful thinking that CNN is trying to portray as fact.

    Wikileaks has been after Clinton when she went to prosecute them for publishing diplomatic cables back in 2010. There are a whole host of sympathetic hackers who would be willing to help Wikileaks bring down Clinton who may have used hacking tools that may have originated in Russia, but the hackers themselves would be no more Russian than a gunman used AK 47 Kalashnikov in a shooting.

    Regardless of the source of the hacking, it’s not like the hackers made up the content of the 30,000 emails.

  • mpthompson

    Let me try that again: There are a whole host of sympathetic hackers around the globe who would be willing to help Wikileaks bring down Clinton. The actual hacking tools may have originated in Russia, but hackers themselves might be no more Russian than a gunman who happened to use AK 47 Kalashnikov in a U.S. shooting. The tools and know-how are easily shared across the dark web.

  • mpthompson

    One other thing, DWS tweeted the following to taunt Reince Priebus last week:

    @DWStweets Jul 18
    Hey @Reince – I’m in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in order. #RNCinCLE

  • Localfluff

    Why wouldn’t Russia infiltrate and manipulate the election when all other dictatorships do? When the cold war ended, intelligence gathering did not. Trump’s gut instinct on who to trust in his tiny insider team is much harder to crack into than any email server.

    Hillary doesn’t like Putin only because he is one of few dictators in the world who does’t pay to the Clinton Foundation. If Putin wanted to help Trump (rather to make her a parliamentary weak president of a divided party than wanting to see Trump win), he’d give her $10 million cash to make her shut up about him, and force all democratic party members to never mention Putin, she obviously has the party apparatus in place to make sure of that. And promise to abandon Estonia. But Hillary is incompetent and never delivered any progress on anything, even to her bribing special interests. She defrauds them too. So Putin sees it as a waste of money, as do all (former) US ally’s nowadays who all are very very disappointed by the catastrophic US foreign policy since the end of the cold war, and actively look for alternatives. For example, France immediately picked military cooperation with Russia, without involving NATO, to punish ISIS in Syria after the Paris terror attack. Because Russia has the capability to do something effective, the US hasn’t demonstrated that since a quarter of a century now. US means failure, Russia means security, that’s a fact of contemporary history. When Trump indicates that he might leave NATO, he is just accepting what has already been happening since the end of the cold war when NATO became an irrelevant parasite focused on starting new losing wars in the Middle East.

    Hillary cannot even keep stuff secret! Thus, she is impossible to negotiate with other than via stupid biased mass media in public debate. With Hillary, any negotiated solution to anything is technically and psychologically impossible.

    The only thing leaked about Trump is a tape recording of a phone call in the 1990s where he calls a journalist under a false family name to give an opinion about Trump (himself incognito). And that wasn’t even secret. So who cares? The one who leaked it could be Trump himself (the journalist lost her phone tape decades ago, so Trump has the only copy) to soften up media for similarly old leaks about rivals: If you made news out of that stuff, then you must make news about these old Clinton tapes too.

  • Phill O

    Localfluff & mpthompson

    I agree with you. Trump would be Putin’s worst nightmare! We knew there was media bias, these two are showing for all to see that they have no journalistic integrity.

  • Cotour

    The DNC is attempting to pin the release of the DNC emails that condemn them for collusion against Bernie on the Russians. If that is to believed then we all now know that the Russians in fact DID hack Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal email system and they have all of her communications which it has been established many were top secret. You can not have it both ways

    Wikileaks (I mean the Russians of course, who really cares where the information comes from?) promises new and mortally condemning and indictable information on Hillary soon. Maybe the DNC, if they survive their own convention, will have to remove her as their candidate right after they install her? Biden / Warren?

  • Frank

    The left’s elites scramble like cockroaches when the light comes on their hypocracy. They are the racists, the haters, the power hungry and the corrupt.

  • Kevin R.

    Why would Putin have anything against Hillary? Isn’t she the one that gave away our uranium to the Russians?

  • Localfluff

    These email leaks must have as an immediate effect that Hillary and the Democrats are now very careful with how they communicate digitally. No “good” idea can be communicated other than face to face, and safest of all during an “airplane meeting”. The public eyes have gotten sharper and the political class has to creep back to under an ever shrinking rock.

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