A gun to shoot down drones

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A company is now marketing to the military a jamming devise, designed like a gun, that acts to shut down all commercially-made drones.

the gun is as simple as point-and-shoot, with a 30 degree cone of effect on whatever target is being aimed at. And a newer version of the device is even attachable to an assault rifle, similar to how one would attach an M203 grenade launcher. “You point in that direction, and when the drone flies into the cone … the cheaper drones would just crash. But the better ones will fly back to base,” he added. “It can also track the drone and follow it back to home and see who was actually flying it.”

The jammer, which really isn’t a gun, is aimed at disarming the commercial drones used in the Middle East by the radical Islamic fighters, who don’t have the technology to build their own more sophisticated weapons. Sadly, I can see a time in the future where ordinary citizens might want one too.



  • Localfluff

    I bet there are very very simple counter measures. How thick lead does the jammer penetrate?

    The way to fight drones are with other drones. Wasps capture and eat flies in flight.

  • Matt in AZ

    I can definitely see the Secret Service being interested in this technology.

  • pzatchok

    Since they are promoting it as a narrow frequency jammer just change the frequency of the drone to something not effected.

    More than likely they want it narrow so it doesn’t effect our small drones at the same time.

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