A laser defense system capable of destroying missiles from a distance.

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A laser defense system capable of destroying missiles from a distance. With video.



  • That’s some cool technology. It sure would have been nice to have this with us, as a working concept, in the Arghandab River Valley, during the surge. We had to endure months of RPGs and small arms fire (direct and indirect) at the various forward operating bases and combat outposts we served at.

    I know the Navy is actively pursuing automated aircraft and shipboard systems. With the draw down in the Navy’s Construction Force, our commander jokingly talks about the fact they cannot replace us yet – at least until they perfect robotics.

    Thankfully, we did have drones (and surveillance balloons) protecting us day and night and it was nice to see them patrolling. The only complaint I have is that the drone air field was behind my tent, where I would sleep while off duty. Or at least try to sleep.

  • I wouldn’t say, as the headline has it, that the system ‘puts Iron Dome to shame.” Iron Dome is a battle-tested system that works reasonably well and is employed on a regular basis. The laser system does have the potential to classify and defeat a large number of targets very quickly. There would still be the kinetic threat from missile carcasses falling out of the sky, but that’s preferable to the alternative.

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