A list of potential Trump staffers

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Link here. Once again, providing lists like this with information about the individuals being considered for potential senior White House staff positions is something the press should have been doing prior to the election, not after. They, unfortunately, were too busy campaigning rather than doing their jobs.

The list is interesting, because like the list of cabinet candidates from yesterday it includes people with a range of outlooks. In this case, however, the range has to do with whether they are friends of the Washington establishment or hostile to it. Thus, until Trump makes some decisions we still have no idea what direction his administration will go.

I will add that the general political tone of these people however is conservative, which is a very hopeful sign. So is this story also: Trump plan calls for nationwide concealed carry and an end to gun bans



  • Des

    We don’t know that this list is genuine as it is from an anonymous source, though it could well be genuine. The article is dated yesterday, so why criticise the press for not reporting on the list pre-election when it was never released to them?

  • Des: Obtaining information like this is exactly what the press can and should do, prior to the election. As a journalist I know this. Unfortunately, I am not a political journalist so I do not have the contacts to get this information, but trust me, reporters who cover politics do, and could have easily compiled this kind of list months ago, from inside sources. They did not. They were too busy covering silly things or campaigning for their preferred candidates.

  • Steve Earle

    One thing the press did do before the election was make a big deal of Trumps pick to head the EPA transition team should he win.

    This story is from Scientific American Sept 26th and is hardly “Scientific” in any way….


    So when they did do their jobs it was only in service to a political agenda :-(

  • BSJ

    In my state I’m not required to get permission, of any sort, from the State to CCW.

    Does that mean I wouldn’t have to get Federal permission either? I’m no fan of being on their list just to exercise a Right!

    On the flip side; If the Federal Gov’t can just grant a National license to CCW, wouldn’t they then be able to deny that right and by extension even more, whenever “they” felt like it? The Federal sword cuts both ways…

  • BSJ: You didn’t read the article at the link. What is being proposed is that, like driver’s license, each state would be required to recognize the concealed carry permit of another state.

  • Frank

    Thanks Bob. I read today where Pence replaced Christie to lead Trump’s transition team. Smart move on the front end. Looking froward to see who lands the cabinet and UN representative roles.

  • wodun

    Its a good thing that Trump has no problems pulling the trigger on replacing staff.

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