A look at the Chinese space program

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A look at the Chinese space program.



  • i love the names “long march” and “heavenly palace” . 141 successful launches out of 141 attempts for the long march 3 this is very impressive

  • A clue to their secretive military uses for their station can be seen in this article where the Chinese state their docking system will not conform to the international standard. It would have been cheaper (and possibly safer) to use the standard than create their own from scratch, and would offer mutual rescue capabilities, etc.

    Their message? Keep out! They don’t want visitors, they don’t want partners, they don’t want to rescue anyone, they want all the credit for themselves. And they don’t want anyone able to see what’s in their military space station. Sort of like how the Soviets used a different train track gauge to prevent rail-based invasions. I remember a few Cold-War era train trips across the Iron Curtain and witnessed the trains cars being jacked up and the wheels changed! Wonder if they rebuilt all train tracks since or if they are still like that now?


    Info on the standard docking system:

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