A man is arrested in Ohio for the crime of having an empty hidden compartment in his car.

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A man in Ohio is arrested for the crime of having an empty hidden compartment in his car.

Read the story and weep for the death of freedom and individual rights.



  • Cotour

    Brings to mind the movie Minority report. What was he going to do with that empty space that he made in his car?

    Keep in mind that I have no trouble believing that he probably had the intent to do exactly what the police suspected him of doing. They just happened to pull this particular guy over? Can you be arrested for intent? Intent is a funny thing.

    Am I allowed to make a “secret” compartment in my home?

  • ken anthony

    You are allowed to do anything you like and they are allowed to arrest you even if you don’t do it.

  • Pzatchok

    You know that looks like a speaker box to me, or a place to put an amp. Or a nice place to hide the jack and other emergency tools. Lots of cars have those compartments from the factory.

    Car customizers box in the trunks of cars all the time. Sometimes just to make the look cleaner and finished. Other times to hide air ride systems or other ugly components.

    This law will be changed or tossed out because of that.

    Until them just throw a speaker, amp or jack inside the box and its use is now defined.

  • wodun

    I want a secret compartment to stash my valuables in so they don’t get jacked when I am fishing or hiking. Also, this type of thing is very appealing because of the coolness factor; boys with toys as they say.

  • Assuming the man doesn’t have a drug-related arrest record, ‘intent’ is going to be hard to prove. The DA might decide that this case isn’t worth the headache.

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