A Michigan school board has refused to fire the teachers who publicly supported another teacher who had molested a student for three years.

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A Michigan school board has refused to fire the teachers who publicly supported another teacher who had molested a student for three years.

It appears now that a very large number of parents are pulling their kids from this public school system and putting them in a new charter school in the area.



  • Pzatchok

    The only way to get on a school board is to be a teacher or more educated than a teacher.
    Being a simple parent just doesn’t do it anymore, we need to have professionals on the school boards.

    Well that is the excuse the left keeps using to keep parents off of the school boards.

    And think, if the majority of the school board is teachers, would every do anything against the teachers union or against the teachers? Heck they ALWAYS approve teacher raises with no questions asked.

    I surprised they didn’t join in and raise money for the teachers defense fund.

  • joe

    At least they have a charter school to go to, nothing like competition! shame on the school board and shame on those teachers, when you entrust these people with your children you should have the expectation that your children will be safe from these immoral propaganda artists!

  • Garry

    Something that is being overlooked in all the articles I’ve read on this case: this is a classic case of a predator grooming not only his victim but the community, to the point where upon discovery of his degeneracy, some of his peers are ready to forgive him for what they see as a single case of bad judgment.

    Of course, there’s also the effect of the union circling the wagons, but as I read this, many of the teachers seem to be in denial about what kind of person he is and the gravity of his offense.

    Predators get access to victims by being seen as exceptional contributors to the community, which is why so many of them seem to be from groups that until recently have been trusted the most (priests, boy scout leaders, etc.). Apparently this degenerate was so good at grooming that some of his peers are willing to forgive him and actually feel sorry for him (of course, it’s up to the victim to forgive, not the community at large).

    As I see this, it started with the grooming, and then the union behavior took over, and now that they’ve entrenched themselves into a bad position, they won’t even consider changing their minds.

    It’s almost never the case that there’s only one victim. What these teachers have done is make it much, much harder for any other victims of this man or any other predator to come forward. Those who support this teacher should be fired, and the other teachers in this school and district should receive both ethical training (as the article mentions) and training on how predators operate.

    Teachers are on the front lines of protecting children from predators, and this bunch are not only unarmed with proper knowledge, but seemingly unwilling to fight.

  • R. Cotour

    First fire he school board and then fire the teachers and send the message that any teacher or person who has a position of responsibility and power over a child and abuses that position and power will be dealt with in an appropriate and non political manner. I think that is a logical series of actions that can be sold to the people who vote for the board, who pay their taxes to pay for all of the salaries of everyone concerned who they entrust their children to.

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