A Michigan union contract requires a school district to discriminate against Christians and whites.

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Liberal fairness: A Michigan union contract requires a school district to discriminate against Christians and whites.

In a truly fair society, ethnicity, religion, or race would not be considered at all in deciding who to hire. Obviously, that is not what this union wants.


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  • Cotour

    I like how you use the words “in a truly fair society”. I know you realize situations like this are more related to war strategies than naive idealist views of reality in America today. Its just funny for me to see you pander to the surface conversation taking place and not digging into it yourself.

    The Constitution is being specifically used as a weapon against itself, specifically by those that follow the Islamic religion in America today. Its the Achillies heel of the Constitution. Michigan is a magnet to the Islamic people of the world. Islam needs to be defined differently in our country, it is not a religion but a mode of social control masquerading as a religion. Their religion informs their governance. They are Muslims first not Americans first. This is a deadly situation in the long term and THAT is what is naive.

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