A Modest Proposal

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“A Modest Proposal.”

Now that the Roberts Court has affirmed that the government has the power to mandate purchases of private goods and services as long as it’s structured as a tax, I propose that we put this new-found authority in the service of an explicit Constitutional right. For far too long, too many Americans have suffered from an inequal distribution of firearms, despite the Second Amendment’s express exhortation to “keep and bear arms,” in large part because income inequality in this nation has kept the poor and working classes from having the proper protection for themselves and their loved ones. We need to end this disparity now by applying the ObamaCare model immediately.



  • jwing

    Let me see….now if you don’t purchase health care insurance you are a tax cheat and the I.R.S. will be knocking. Just think, the founding fathers started a revolution on such silly things like a tea tax, stamp act and other petty taxes and insults. Today, the Supreme Court has made a person’s noncomformity to a mandated purchase a taxable act and illegal if disobeyedoffense! Preposterous and laughable. I suggest we all exert our American Citizen Privilege and ignore this silly ruling. If the Supreme Court and make this stuff up and ignore the Constitution and the President can clain execurtive privilege and the Congress can pass Obamacare using “reconcilliation”…WTF….we can just ignore it.

  • Patrick

    I like the idea but lets extend it to only American arms and a mandatory practice period every year.

    A CCW permit and proof of firearms ownership should be enough to get out of the tax.

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