A Muslim woman graduates at the top of her class, in medicine, in Israel.

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A Muslim woman graduates at the top of her class, in medicine, in Israel.

But how can this be? Israel an apartheid state, according to numerous leftwing political activists.

Actually, it is the freest and most diverse state in the Middle East. The left is merely lying, as they have a habit of doing.



  • D. K. Williams

    It’s dreadful to see the treatment of Israel by the Obama administration. To be fair, though, they’ve screwed up relations with just about every other country as well.

  • Pzatchok

    I support Israel but I do find some of what they do a bit distasteful.

    I agree that they won all the land they “occupy” through wars they did not start but won. Just like every other nation out there through all of history. Its theirs and theirs to keep for as long as they can defend it.

    I do find how they are populating those areas with Jews a bit wrong at times.

    I do feel sorry for the Palestinians. they were sold a bill of goods by their leaders when Israel was fist formed and ever since then they have been the whipping boys of all the other Arab nations around them. Never allowed to be citizens of those nations and always forced to go back to Israel and live in camps until someone wants to let them be citizens. Economically held down by their situation and then whipped into hatred for Israel by those who want to see Israel destroyed but do not have the balls to do it themselves. And armed by those very same cowards.
    Given any amount of guns and ammo but never citizenship and land in those very same nations.

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