A new Florida state law will fine local governments for enforcing any local gun restrictions

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This is a victory for freedom: A new Florida state law will fine local governments and their officials should they try to enforce any local gun restrictions.

All those ordinances have been illegal for years because state law prevents cities and counties from regulating guns. But a new law, set to take effect Oct. 1, takes it a step further. It allows judgments of up to $100,000 against local governments that enforce such laws. And, in an unusual move, the law also says local officials could be fired and fined $5,000, with no representation from the city or county attorney.



  • I would call this a good start. I have maintained for years that the primary cause of public officials runing amok is that they can do so without personal consequence. There is no accountability. Unlike private individuals, public employees face few or no criminal penalties for violating administrative and legislative regulations. The only recourse private citizens have is redress through the courts in the form of a lawsuit, but this places the financial and evidentiary burden on the wronged party, rather than the perpetrator. It’s a case of guilty until proven innocent.

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