A New Jersey town tells a volunteer utility crew from Alabama to go home — because they are non-union.

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A New Jersey town tells a volunteer utility crew from Alabama to go home — because they are non-union.



  • Those union guys should be ashamed.

  • Jim

    Just a few things this article from the Daily Caller has gotten wrong:
    1. The crew was not turned away in New Jersey.
    2. Neither the town, nor the IBEW, turned them away, nor did they provide disqualifying paperwork.
    If you go back to the article posted, there now is an update, although there should be another one coming as well because now it seems that the paperwork was provided from a consortium of utilities in Alabama (many who are non-unionized at that) and not from the IBEW.

    You know, if the effort is to castigate one “side” or the other, save it. I am sure there will, at the end of the day, be instances of union misbehavior as well as corporate/business misbehavior. As one who is living through this catastrophe right now, I can tell you of a local Shell station selling gas for twice what everyone else is. I can also tell you that all players (federal, state, local, union, corporations, Republicans, Democrats) are doing everything they can to resolve it. But don’t take my word for it, take it from Chris Christie.

    Maybe the Daily Caller will make a better effort in the future to get things right. Who needs this partisan garbage right now anyway. But then again, they most likely wont. At least they put up corrections.

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