A new National Research Council report honestly admits the possibility that the Sun might be an important factor in climate change.

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Pigs fly! A new National Research Council report honestly admits the possibility that the Sun might be an important factor in climate change.

The article, from NASA, itself is a remarkably fair assessment of the field’s state of knowledge (which in truth is quite spotty since we really do not yet understand what is going on with the climate). This, as far as I can remember, is the first time in years, since the early 1990s before the global warming advocates took over the climate field and shut down debate, that an official article from a government organization like NASA has been so open about these issues and not toed the politically correct line that “fossil fuels and carbon dioxide are causing global warming and don’t you dare say anything different!”



  • jwing

    There has got to be a catch here.

    I’m half suspecting that NCR will follow up with news that ALGore has recently paid $100 million for a Mayan temple from the proceeds of his latest failed venture and is currently reading up on the sun god Rey.

    We’re in trouble now…the future’s commodity price for obsidian is heading through the roof!

  • I wrote 2 letters, by email, to NASA, in 2012, about why their websites spoke a lot about trace carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming, but also said NOTHING about the Sun. Maybe cracks in the groupthink have appeared by my and others’ efforts? Keep plugging away skeptics, for the truth!

  • jwing

    One possible reason why their website has neglected to mention the sun is because they haven’ t yet figured out a scheme to tax us for the use of the sun…yet.

  • I like your use of obsidian and Mayan temples! Groupthink if ever there was! You have a new fan.

  • Pzatchok

    My gosh!!!!

    They finally noticed the largest furnace in the solar system.!!!!!!

    Next thing you know they might just start to claim that its responsible for the rise in Mars temperature also.

  • Yes, I’ve heard the Martian polar ice caps have been shrinking as well, at least until a couple years ago. I imagine they’re probably growing now but that’s not a money story is it?

  • jwing

    As I’ve always said, it’s not my SUV…it’s the SUN.

  • Imagine your SUV in the top right image of the Earth versus the Sun:


    Common sense suggests the Sun is physically the greater influence on our climate than a trace gas in our atmosphere.

    I’m going long obsidian and Mayan temples!

  • Jim

    Good article…thanks for posting!

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