A new study claims that biofuels made from corn produce more greenhouse gases than ordinary gasoline.

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The uncertainty of science: A new study claims that biofuels made from corn produce more greenhouse gases than ordinary gasoline.

The EPA disagrees. If you read the article you will see that the EPA might be right, but either way it appears to be a case of scientists arguing about statistical details. The bottom line is that the corn biofuels aren’t significantly different than ordinary gasoline, and in fact this whole debate forgets the original reason for backing biofuels, which had nothing to do with global warming. Biofuels can be harvested here in the U.S., and were thought an excellent way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Whether that is true, however, also remains very much uncertain.

One quote in the article, however, demonstrated to me once again the foolishness of using legislation to mandate sales in a market.

Last year, for the fifth time, the EPA proposed reducing the amount [being produced as] required by law. It set a target of 17 million gallons for 2014. The law envisioned 1.75 billion gallons being produced this year.

The law demanded that manufacturers ramp up production to billions, regardless of economics or demand. Such mandates are the stuff of fantasy, and never work.

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  • Richard

    No!!! Tell me it’s not so.

  • Cotour

    And the fear campaign continues: All of these imagery based conversations and graphics serve to fix in the public’s subconscious the agenda. Ask a certain percentage of the population about “Global warming” or “climate change”, what ever label that it has been refined or reshaped down to at the moment and you will hear the parroted “truth”, not based on actual understanding or but based on what they have heard in the media. And the media, I think we can all agree is no longer an objective entity but an agenda and cause driven concern.

    World Global map shows planet with 260-foot rise in sea levels
    Graphic designer from Slovakia creates rendering of globe without polar ice caps. London, Miami, New Orleans, Washington D.C. disappear
    BY DEBORAH HASTINGS NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 7:47 PM

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/new-map-shows-globe-polar-ice-caps-article-1.1765411#ixzz2ziz0buhO

    Two points:

    1. The earth, the universe for that matter is not a static thing, it is dynamic and is constantly changing so to attempt to define what the “normal” climate conditions of the earth are is a fools errand IMO. The earth has been much warmer and the earth has been much colder, human existence not even a consideration for the vast, vast, vast majority of that time.


    2. Which is not to say that humans should not be conscious and cautious of the things that they do related to their environment and pollution and the associated potential effects. We are all environmentalists in this regard.

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