A new study confirms that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide lengthens the plant growing season.

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Chicken Little was wrong! A new study confirms that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide lengthens the plant growing season.

Previous studies have documented a lengthening of the growing season in many parts of the world. In the United States, the time between the last spring frost and the first autumn freeze has gone up by nearly two weeks since 19002; in Europe, a study of more than 540 plant species found that, on average, spring events such as flowering had shifted about a week earlier from 1971 to 2000, and the onset of autumn had been pushed back by about four days3.

Such shifts have long been attributed to warming temperatures. But CO2 also plays a part, says study co-author Heidi Steltzer, an ecosystem ecologist at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Putting aside the uncertainty about whether carbon dioxide can even cause global warming, the assumption that global warming itself will be a bad thing has never been demonstrated clearly, while there is evidence that it might actually be beneficial.



  • Cotour

    You know, if you keep posting articles like this you may at some point have to put some time aside for reeducation. Apparently you have not received the memo ” human driven climate change is settled”, the existence of human beings is destroying the earth!

  • Orion314

    As Jerry Pournelle once put it: “It’s easier to grow crops in sand rather than in snow”

  • Joe

    In their opinion, people are a bad thing, malthusians all of these chicken little earth first activists.

  • If there hadn’t been global warming 12,000 years ago, there wouldn’t be any civilization for the AGW acolytes to complain about.

  • Publius 2

    It has always puzzled me why those who condemn humanity’s existence for damaging the planet, like those who warn about the catastrophe of overpopulation, do not seem to be willing to set an example for the rest of us and self-destruct.

  • Cotour

    I am listening right now 10:20, 4/28/14, WNYC, to this MSNBC talking head Chris Hayes. This is what speaks for the left, you decide what flavor of moronic this guy is. I just listened to him talking to Brian Leher and making an analogy between the seriousness of his new baby’s temperature increasing 1 to 2 degrees and the earth’s atmospheres temperature increasing.

    And this article about how he compares “climate change” with slavery. Has he ever thought about how the government is creating a form of slavery to the debt obligation and the peoples slavery to Obamacare? I guess he does not think in such a manner, only how the humans on earth can keep the earths temperature at what we have to assume is the current “correct” temperature that it is at this moment in time.


  • Cotour

    Another Chris Hayes example:

    He also comments on Mr. Piketty who the arts section of the New York Times arts section says is putting out some real serious restructuring of capitalism theories, I choose to default to the Wall Street Journal on such matters. In all honesty I have not heard or read any of Mr. Piketty and his “new” theories related to capitalism and how everything must be redistributed.

    Seems I have heard such theories before. I will in time dig into it though.


  • Edward

    I’m going to disagree that the current temperature is the “correct” temperature. I came across a report that the Polar Bear may be in trouble because the arctic ice is too thick for the seals (a favorite Polar Bear meal) to make breathing holes. The Polar Bear will have less to eat, because they apparently grab the seals when they come up through the holes for air.

    The conclusion can only be that this year must be *too cold* and that we need the arctic to be warmer. Global warming as a good thing?

    (Of course, I don’t know how the Polar Bears survived when the temperatures were so much cooler a couple of centuries ago, but that wasn’t part of the story.)

    “What’s shocking is that the PBSG have now admitted that the ‘movement of bears’ issue essentially invalidates the 2006 population estimate and the much-touted ‘reduced survival of cubs’”

  • Cotour

    Supporting evidence that “global warming” / “climate change” causes colder or is it warmer temperatures.


    The left may have to again change their terminology, hell they may have to switch over to global cooling if it keeps up this way!

  • joe

    Interesting to read the comments from the agw proponents and then the skeptics reply’s back at them, warmists are clueless!

  • Cotour

    The bears have survived for millions of years, as they and all other life forms have, some surviving and some not, despite the frantic opinions of those who would have a consensus and agenda driven opinion on the subject.

    How did the world properly function without the opinions of man before man existed? And I reiterate, this does not mean that humans should not be aware and concerned with what they do and how they do it and with developing the best, cleanest and most efficient technologies as possible to accomplish what must be accomplished.

    Where I sit right now, 12,000 years ago was under two miles of ice. So if you were to ask me if the planet was warming I would have to say, yes, I believe that the planet is in a general warming mode. And 12,000 years is a relative blink of the eye. And ask me if I believe that there is run away tipping point indicated by the amount of PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere where the seas rise 260 feet and the weather turns more chaotic than it normally is, I would have to disagree with you.

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