A new study has found that healthcare costs for small businesses have doubled since Obama became President.

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A new study has found that healthcare costs for small businesses have doubled since Obama became President.

The study’s research period begins in 2009, before Obamacare went into effect, but even then I guarantee that the early cost increases were in anticipation of the law that was coming and that no one wanted. Since then, the law has only made things worse.

In a related story, AOL cuts employee benefits, citing Obamacare as the cause.



  • BSJ

    AOL is still in business!!!?

  • wade

    If this and the steps made in the last 8 years were committed in 1970, there would be Lynchings and burning of cities. my father and grandfather would be tar and feathering these so-called politicians and the est of them would take the Hint and Get -Out-of -Town

  • Cotour

    Rand Paul asks ” When will Obama start to care? ” http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/02/07/rand-paul-obamacare-cbo

    He does care, about his ideology and the agenda that accompany’s it. Rand Paul is beginning to step out from the crowd and distinguish himself from the gathering field in the race to be the next president. His problem? Libertarianism as his guide star, Libertarianism is a philosophy to be referenced and is not a form of governance. Libetarianism is more associated with the ends of the political spectrum and each end of the spectrum is rife with chaos. Sane, compassionate and benevolent Conservatism is where any realistic politician will find success with the now predominant Independent voters.

    Want to be successful in the coming elections? Be a sane and reasonable person that plays respectful, no nonsense hard ball, communicates and connects to a philosophy and economic reality and not just an ideology. It really should not be too hard to do.

  • PeterF

    Obviously the costs are being driven up by by republican gridlock…

  • Cotour

    I believe this guy, Harry Dent, is on to what we need to be paying attention to and what will be driving the economy for the near future. Obamacare is certainly not what the doctor ordered IMO and will only exacerbate and compound the situation.


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