A new U.N. report states that Iran has moved one step closer to building its own nuclear weapon.

Chronological Encyclopedia of Discoveries in Space cover

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The day of reckoning looms: A new U.N. report states that Iran has moved another step closer to building its own nuclear weapon.



  • Thunderbunny

    Hi Robert.

    I listen to your reporting when you are a guest on the John Batchelor Show and look for them in John’s podcasts. Your reports are a refreshing and much needed counter to what passes for space and science reporting in the mainstream media at large.

    Anyway, to comment upon the UN report- I don’t think anything will change insofar as the Obama Administration’s virtual inaction on the Iranian nuclear issue. Chuck Hagel, the new ‘Defense(less) Secretary’ let slip what the real policy is and always has been. They believe Iran can be ‘contained’ as a nuclear power. They will NOT act with military force to prevent the Iranian bomb.

    As John Batchelor is fond of saying- they’re all ‘JawJaw.’ Obama does not believe Israel is worthy of American support- he only gives lip service to lull his Jewish constituency to sleep. He will only act to RESTRAIN Israeli action.

    Obama fears Israel far more than Iran.

    God help Israel with this president.

  • JGL

    Mr. Obamas philosophy consists of the idea that America is too powerful and that this

    inbalance in power in the world is a bad thing.

    One can see this outlook and following policy actions in winding down the power of America in

    the world as either “the right thing to do” as the president is taken to describe his actions

    or a form of irresponsibility and abandonment of his fiduciary responsibility (T—-N).

    An argument can certainly be made related to the accumulation of power and the abuse of it,

    but that can only go so far IMO.

    We need to be aware about who we are choosing to “run” the world America, China or Russia.

    Choose one.

  • Thank you for your kind words about my appearances on the John Batchelor Show. I do appreciate them.

    Amen to your comments regarding Obama, Iran, and Israel. As I say often on Behind the Black, the day of reckoning looms. Sadly, this administration (and the American public who voted for it) is unwilling to face this reality.

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