A new virus that mimics polio appears in U.S.

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Not good: Several dozen children in twenty-two U.S. states have been struck by a new polio-like virus that causes paralysis.

Sixty-two AFM cases in 22 states have been confirmed in recent weeks, scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta said at a news conference today; 65 more are under investigation.

Similar waves occurred in 2014 and 2016, and scientists have fingered a relative of the poliovirus, called enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), as a possible culprit. But the evidence isn’t conclusive yet, and it’s unclear why the virus would only paralyze a small minority of children it infects. Solving these mysteries is urgent because the paralysis can be severe and irreversible. AFM is “pretty rare, but it’s pretty devastating,” says Priya Duggal, a genetic epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, who’s studying whether some patients may have a genetic vulnerability to the virus. “And it appears that it’s cyclical. It’s not going away.”

It appears that in most cases the virus simply causes cold-like symptoms that go away like a cold. In a few cases, however, it produces paralysis.



  • wayne

    The Iron Lung and Polio
    (Philip Drinker and the Emerson negative pressure ventilator)

  • Cotour

    Just another reason to reject the Democrats and their “Open borders” agenda.


    Remember the rule: When a political actor claims the moral high ground or “character” as issues instead of concentrating on the interests of their own fellow citizens and tax payers that pay for everything they are running on nothing.

    Want ebola in the United States? Want a polio resurgence in the United States? You like a good dose of the measles and / or diphtheria? Make sure that the Democrats are once again empowered in the coming elections. The Democrat leadership insists we all be ignorant and do what is against all our own self interests in their pursuit of their right to political power.

    I say no rational and reasonable American agrees with these people who are irrational and down right dangerous to us all and the existence of America itself.

  • wayne

    “Dr. Salks Great Discovery”

  • OM

    “Just another reason to reject the Democrats and their “Open borders” agenda.”

    The doctor’s name is “Priya.” Doesn’t sound very Caucasian to me! Probably another one of those liberal fascists who came across our border too.

  • OM: I’ve had enough. It appears your only goal in commenting here is to promote bigotry or violence. You are gone.

  • wayne

    The Last Few Polio Survivors – Last of the Iron Lungs

  • pzatchok

    My biggest worry about this is that it covers 22 states.

    Plus many other nations.

  • BSJ

    What’s the political split, left vs. right, of the Anti-Vascsers?

    I know crazy home schooler conservatives and crunchy hippies on either side, but don’t know if it really skews on way or the other…

  • wayne

    no clue on how that split breaks out.

    (I do not want to get into a debate on this;)

    –people should be more concerned about giving their children mixed amphetamine-salts (Adderall) [or Ritalin, methylphenidate] rather than vaccines. When we called ‘ADHD’ & ‘ADD,’ Minimal Brain-Dysfunction, nobody wanted that diagnosis for their children.

    –“Vaccines” are not implicated in the development of autism. (Which is massively over diagnosed and especially now that Medicaid is fully billable for ‘autism spectrum disorder’ services.)

  • wayne

    “Randall Kerr gets the first shot, Franklin Sherman Elementary School, Fairfax, Virginia, April 26, 1954.”

    Randall V. Kerr’s inoculation record and IBM punch card recording the first vaccination of the polio clinical trials.

    “Polio Pioneers”
    In 1954, almost 75 percent of reported poliomyelitis cases occurred in people under twenty years of age, and 50 percent in children under ten. The trial’s study population, then, targeted some 1.8 million children in the first three grades of elementary school at 215 test sites. In the double-blind experiment, 650,000 children received vaccine,750,000 received a placebo (a solution made to look like vaccine, but containing no virus), and 430,000 served as observational controls and had neither. All were “Polio Pioneers.””

    “The study called for all children receiving vaccine or placebo to have three intramuscular injections over a five-week period. About 2 percent of the children also gave blood samples to verify their immune response. Data from all 1,829,916 clinical trial participants were entered on IBM punch cards and tabulated.”

  • H. Hunter

    pzatchok: If you keep reading the article, it’s been found in 34 states in 2014 and 39 in 2016!! What’s really agitating is that the article doesn’t name the states (or cities within said states) or when each location experienced the outbreak.

    As a parent of young children, I’d really like to know where this is popping up.

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