A Pakistani actress smacks down a mullah

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We need more Muslims doing this: A Pakistani actress smacks down a mullah. Be sure to watch the video, also available here!



  • Kelly Starks

    The fact that in Pakistan she really is risking her life by speaking out against islamo-fasicists is disgusting. [In Egypt a mullah demanded a Saudi prince publicly apologize for crimes against Islam by claiming one could be a good Muslim without wanting to kill Jews and Christians. The Mullah had enough political clout that the prince made the public apology.]

    The fact that liberals in the US are much more comfortable defending the islamo-fasicists and attacking people like her is so far beyond disgusting I can’t even think of a word for it. Its like if they were defending the Nazi death camps as a expression of cultural values, and a need to curb excess population. Sadly the lefts generally been more comfortable with racism oppression then they like to admit.

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