A real report of Hillary’s first campaign stop

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Forget the press. Forget the spin. Read this report by an ordinary college student of her attempt to participate, as an “Everyday Iowan”, in Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign event. With great pictures.

My point here is not to lambast Clinton (of which this event is the least of her problems). My point is to lambast the press. This campaign stop was not much different than the campaign stops and photo events of all politicians, staged and managed and completely divorced from reality. Sadly the press goes along and reports the staging. This report, created by an amateur, instead gives us the reality of the event, something that the press should be doing.

Instead, our mainstream press plays along with the politicians. They should be ashamed.



  • Cotour

    If you are in the press and don’t play the Dem / Liberal game you are considered a non believer and an enemy and you are “OUT”. That’s how they control the press and the message.

    I will predict right now that Hillary does not make it to the end, there IMO is a segment of the Democrat party that is going to take her out in favor of a more Marxist “progressive” minded candidate. Hillary is being covertly undermined by those within who have no stomach for her and allowed to self destruct and until that moment that she and her handlers understand that she will not be able to win because the people are rejecting her no one in the party or the press will overtly say what they really think. They will obediently sit at her feet like puppies and wait for her words of wisdom to pour fourth.

    (they fear, and rightly so, that if she would win and they did say what they thought that they would literally never be heard from again and will have the IRS looking into all of their doings. Be afraid, be very afraid! Can you imagine such a person wielding the power of the presidency? And you though that Obama was a vindictive bitch? I repeat, be very afraid. )

    My feeling is that the Democrats are quietly setting up to support Elizabeth Warren or a similar flavor Sandinista like pol to take her place. Hillary is over IMO.

  • Cotour

    I just noticed this “They should be ashamed.”.

    Funny Robert, very funny, that’s a good one, Liberal media operatives or as they like to be known as “journalists” having shame about how they report their shaped information packages.

    This is a political movement, there is no room for shame, or objectivity for that matter.

  • PeterF

    Somebody I consider to be very prescient when it comes to politics often says “Follow the money”. It has been reported that HRC “the crook” will have 2.5 BILLION dollars for her campaign. with more coming in every day. What happens to the leftover money after the campaign? You are allowed to put it in a trust or foundation and pay yourself a very nice salary to manage that foundation. IMO, she may just want to be a billionaire and will run her campaign at the least cost for appearance sake until she can quietly withdraw without running afoul of campaign finance laws. Don’t expect a refund…

  • Edward

    I thought it hilarious that the students were locked down, as though there was a gunman or terrorist on the loose at the school.

  • I’m shocked! Shocked! Hillary in a hypocritical farce?! A staged event?!
    Thanks for sharing the genuine citizen report!

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