A researcher of fuel cells, manhandled and arrested because he used the wrong mailing labels in selling and shipping sodium to fund his research, was then targeted by the EPA because he wasn’t home to maintain his sodium supplies.

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We’re here to help you: A researcher of fuel cells, manhandled and arrested because he used the wrong mailing labels in selling and shipping sodium to fund his research, was then prosecuted by the EPA because he wasn’t home to maintain his sodium supplies.

On May 27, 2004, federal agents in two black SUVs, waving assault rifles, forced Krister’s car off the road. Manhandling him as if he were a terrorist, they arrested, interrogated, and jailed him. For what? Putting the wrong shipping label—with the correct instructions, mind you—on a box of raw sodium that he sold on eBay.

A jury saw that it was an honest mistake and found Krister “not guilty.” But while Krister was on trial, sodium from his experiments sat in steel drums at an industrial warehouse. The Environmental Protection Agency learned of the additional sodium, determined that Krister had “abandoned” it, and charged him with a federal crime.

Although Krister’s expert witness testified that the sodium was stored properly, a jury found Krister guilty. He served 13 months in federal prison and eight more in a halfway house.

So, what did he do that was morally wrong? Nothing. Not that this matters to our lovely federal government. He did not obey their rules to the letter, even when they themselves made it impossible for him to do so. Thus, he must be destroyed.



  • JGL

    Ayn Rand said that we would all be judged by the government to be guilty.

    Mao said that all patriots die criminals.

    George Washington said: “A free people should ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government”

    B. Obama said: There should be a civilian army equal in size to the U.S. military. (HLS, IRS, EPA, etc. etc ?)

    Marko Rubio said: There will be legalization before the borders are secured.

    Where is it that our salvation lies?

  • jwing

    National security now trumps the US Constitution.

    In the name of “national security” you can indict a ham sandwich as it offends the sensibilities of muslim citizens.

    In the name of national security I imagine every automobile is actually a moblie 20 gallon gasoline bomb for which the EPA could pull you over just as they did this fellow regarding the metal Na.

    (Oh no…I used the word “bomb” in my comments associated with the word “gasoline.” The NSA is surely building a file on jwing.) There I go, I used that word again. It’s like the Knights of Knee from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  • joe

    The EPA is also known to petition leftist green organizations to sue them (the EPA) to get more laws passed through outside of congress that would curtail industry and stop construction of anything in its tracks, with people like this in government who needs hardline fanatics or enemies.

  • “Where is it that our salvation lies?”

    In ourselves. A favorite aphorism of the Left is “Be the future you want to be”. That works for others, too.

  • We have crossed the Rubicon long ago. Now we all just wait for our re-education.

    This government has no [healthy] fear of its citizens.

  • JGL

    Hillary Clinton said: ” What difference does it make!?”
    (ask Emb. Christopher Stevens, his family and the families of the three other people murdered by the inaction / indifference of our current president and his Secretary Of State)

    Bill Clinton said: “It depends on what the meaning of IS, is”

    George Bush Sr. said: “We will build a New World Order”

    George Bush Jr. said: “Im the decider” and he also signed NAFTA, which to me trumps this whole immigration issue.

    Where does the salvation of free Americans lie?

  • jwing

    Activist government at its best….Government Organizer in Chief. Who needs community organizing when it’s done centrally from D.C..

  • warptek

    This once great country is slowly creeping towards authoritarianism. There is no longer any government accountability or respect for the Constitution. There is no longer a willingness to listen to the will of the American people. This is happening because of SOME of the American people who elect these jerks over and over again. Might wear different faces but it’s the same jerk in the same suit. Once our civil rights and liberties are subject to the whims of the self styled masterminds it’s over. Not saying I’m giving up yet, just that we’re passing a tipping point and it might be too late to do anything about it.

  • “everything is happening so fast”.

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