A review of Trump’s first 17 executive orders

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Link here. The leftwing gnashing of teeth over Trump’s first actions since becoming president have routinely been based not on reality but on their false bigoted perceptions of Trump. The review at the link reveals how incredibly ordinary almost all of Trump’s initial actions have been. Most have been similar to the actions of past newly arrived presidents, from both parties. Many are no more than memos giving his subordinates guidance on what they should do.

Most disturbing has been the uproar over Trump’s suspension of the refugee programs from the seven Middle Eastern Arab countries. He hasn’t banned Muslim immigration. He hasn’t banned travel by those with legitimate green cards. All he has done has taken the seven countries listed by the Obama administration as the worst sources of terrorism and temporarily suspended any immigration from those countries pending a review of the vetting process. This seems completely reasonable, especially considering the number of terrorist attacks the west has experienced in recent years coming from immigrants from these countries. For politicians and academics and entertainers to try to turn this into something it is not out of what seems a blind hatred of Trump tells us how much western intellectual society has declined in recent years.



  • Wayne

    Good stuff.

    “Separating fact from sickening media fiction on Trump’s immigration executive order”

  • maurice

    not taking chances any more – filing for citizenship

  • Edward

    What are being reported as actions are actually requests for information.
    An RFI is primarily used to gather information to help make a decision on what steps to take next.

    The fact-check-less US news media are either pretending stupidity or are not smart enough or hard working enough to have built their news organizations:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKjPI6no5ng (1 minute)

    Sanctuary cities and the shooting of Kate Steinle are why Trump is president. He was not taken seriously by anyone, even Republicans, until he spoke out against the criminal immigrant (who was deported before but came back, making him a felon) protected by sanctuary-city San Francisco (which cares more for the lifestyles of criminal aliens than for the actual lives of its citizens and tourists) and declared that he, Trump, would finish building the wall that Congress long-ago authorized.
    Kate Steinle’s shooting death in 2015 sparked national debate over so-called sanctuary cities and became a rallying cry for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant and repeat felon from Mexico who’d been deported five times, is accused of shooting Steinle

    Now, if only Trump will honor his other popular promises, such as justice for criminal Clinton, like every other person who was loose with national security and other crimes, and repeal of that godforsaken, mis-implemented Obamacare.

    The left protests and riots so often and so hard that it is difficult to take them seriously. Which cause is more important to them: giving terrorists free access to the country, as was Sunday’s protests at various airports, public display of Women’s locker room talk (with visuals), as was the protest on the 21st at the National Moll (oops, that’s “Mall”), or disrupting life and business for Muslim immigrant businessmen, as was the riot on inauguration day throughout DC?

    I spent this past weekend at a three-day 50th birthday party (not mine, I started counting backward years ago, the advantage being that I will do so much better, in a few years, the next time I’m 18), and the liberal Democrats at the party (almost everyone but me) had strange views on Trump and his “ban on immigration.”

    One person did not realize that Trump was a life-long liberal Democrat, whose first statements on any new topic during the campaign were liberal Democrat positions, changed over time until the conservatives he was pretending to be finally stopped complaining about his last stated position. She only saw the “R” next to his name and assumed that he was a terrible, horrible, racist, homophobic, anti-legal-immigration, xenophobic, old white guy. She said that she didn’t know that he was a liberal Democrat because she hadn’t paid attention during the election. Now, she spouts off the party line as though she has studied the topic. Coincidentally (this comes up later), she has a PhD.

    Trump is not the first liberal Democrat to ban immigration from countries posing a danger to the US, so why are these people so upset with Trump? Only because of that “R” next to his name.
    The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt suspended naturalization proceedings for Italian, German, and Japanese immigrants, required them to register, restricted their mobility, and prohibited them from owning items that might be used for sabotage, such as cameras and shortwave radios.

    Another party goer, a French immigrant, was horrified that her husband was now unable to do any business in their home country. Why? Because she knew that Trump’s next ban would be for France and would be imposed any day now, since there are so many Muslims there. She stated it as though it were already a done deal, and she started planning for a permanent move back to France, because her husband would soon not be able to return from overseas. Apparently she had heard Google’s nonsensical statement about all people currently out of the country would soon no longer be able to reenter. Her 10-ish-year-old daughter became upset, because she did not want to live where they spoke nothing but French.

    The lesson is that liberal voters (and apparently non-voters, unless that French family votes illegally) do not verify their “facts” but unquestioningly go along with the Democrat Party line, spreading the lies and alibis among themselves.

    It is disconcerting that our Congesscritters do not know what is and is not unconstitutional, but considering that they have not read the Constitution lately (if ever), it is to be expected.

    That the politicians, scientists, and entertainers failed to examine Trump’s suspension before voicing their political opinions demonstrates that they should not get themselves involved in politics, as they clearly do not bother to understand the reality of laws, rules, rulings, regulations, and executive orders before shooting off their mouths.

    Shame on the politicians, because that is their jobs.

    Shame on the scientists, because they know that doing the research before drawing conclusions is, well, their job descriptions.

    Shame on the entertainers, because they speak from uninformed ignorance to those who will only hear such uninformed ignorant opinions rather than the factual information. From the Daily Caller article: “Then Kerry Washington complained about the notion that celebrities shouldn’t voice their political opinions.

    And shame on the voters (and foreign nationals) for unquestioningly believing the Party line. How do they know that they are doing the right thing rather than falling for a trap from a tyrannical ruling class that thinks them so stupid that they can easily be Grubered?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adrdmmh7bMo (2 minutes)
    Since Republicans and conservatives were not going to be convinced (and did not believe what Gruber was saying), Gruber’s “American voters” he was trying to influence were the liberals and the Democrats.

    This is the danger of blindly, unquestioningly following the Party line. You not only become seen as stupid by those running the Party, but they are more likely to be right about you than wrong.

    Welcome to the US. I hope your citizenship comes easily and quickly, and an early congratulations to you.

  • Jim Jakoubek

    The question of immigration is nothing new.

    Be it the Chinese, the Irish, the Germans and so forth this is almost a generational thing down
    through American history. The difference here is that they didn’t have TV or the 24 hour news
    cycle to fan the flames.

    What really gets me is the so called logic here. I, for one would like to know when our borders
    became goal lines? Get across and you get to stay?

    For that matter, when did coming to the US become a human right? Do we not have the right to
    decide who comes here and who gets to stay?

    Imagine somebody knocking on your door and once inside your house they are allowed to stay
    and you have to take care of them simply because they did so. This is lunacy.

    I hope that the President sticks to his guns on this.

  • wayne

    Jim Jakoubek– Good stuff.

    Trump has absolute plenary power to restrict the entry of any non-citizen, for any reason.

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