A revolt on the right over budget deal?

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A revolt on the right over budget deal?

“There is a gut feeling in some quarters today that the Boehner-Obama deal could be in bigger trouble than anybody realizes.”



  • LINO

    It’s a lousy deal for both sides, but it will survive. The real battle lies ahead.

  • Kelly Starks

    I can’t see the republicans wanting to waste more time on this rather then the multi trillion $ cut Ryan proopsal?

  • LINO

    It survived. It passed the house easily.
    Again, neither side will waste energy on this sideshow. The real battle is right around the corner!

  • LINO

    Has anyone else noticed the shocking resemblance between Moammar Gadhafi and Charlie Sheen?

    I’m not saying they’re the same person, but has anyone seen either one’s birth certificate? Or the two of them in the same place?

  • LINO

    Since the congress bilaterally passed this measure rather easily, the value of “gut feelings” on matters of this kind can be assigned to a lower echelon.

    Let’s reserve “gut feelings” for horse racing and predictions about Charlie Sheen’s next comedy assignment.

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