A Russian spacewalk on ISS today.

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A Russian spacewalk on ISS today.

What is especially interesting about this spacewalk is its participants, Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko. Vinogradov at 59 years old is the oldest person to do a spacewalk. It is his seventh EVA. Roman Romanenko meanwhile is following in the footsteps of his father, Yuri Romanenko, who spent three months in space in the late 1970s on Salyut 6 followed by a ten month mission on Mir in 1987. As far as I can remember, this makes Romanenko the first second-generation astronaut in history.

Update: a reader has noted that Richard Garriott was the first second generation astronaut, beating Romanenko by one year. See the comments.



  • Richard Garriott, a private spaceflyer, went up to the ISS in 2008. His father is Owen Garriott, a Skylab and Shuttle astronaut.

  • Right you are! I knew there was something I hadn’t remembered. The younger Garriott was the first second generation person to fly in space, beating the younger Romanenko by one year. However, the younger Garriott did not do a spacewalk, so Romanenko gets that first for himself.

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