A scuba mask that allows you to breath underwater as if you were a fish.

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Cool: A scuba mask that allows you to breath underwater as if you were a fish.



  • BSJ

    This has got to be a hoax. There is this little problem with water PRESSURE. At a depth of more than a couple feet, you’d never be able to inhale with all that PRESSURE squashing your ribcage flat!

  • I expect you’re right, but your reasoning just explains the need for the compressor.

  • BSJ

    Compressors need volume to be effective.

    How is a “micro” anything going to fill the 2-3L of the human lungs, for each breath, while under pressure?

    SCUBA tanks inflate the lungs with pressurized air. No extra pressure, no inflate.

    As a kid I swam to the bottom of 12 foot deep swimming pool, with a garden hose to use as an extra-long snorkel. Upon breathing out, I SUDDENLY realized I couldn’t suck hard enough to get another breath. In near panic, I surfaced as quickly as I could. Never to try that again…

  • DKW

    Seems fishy to me.

  • Pzatchok

    Its just a concept working off of the new Air extraction cartridges they think could be made with the new technology.

    They would have to also extract carbon dioxide from your exhalation and keep the nitrogen. Replacing the Co2 with Oxygen from the water.

    They are making a huge leap of faith that the new extraction tech would do all it needs to do.

  • Cotour

    There would be no difference in pressure, you would be breathing at an ambient level related to the depth that you were at. When you are trying to breath, in my experience, more than aprox. 2 feet below the surface of the water your muscles are unable to over come the pressure difference. You breath at the surface at the ambient pressure, the pressure within your lungs is equal to the atmosphere, 14.7 inside, 14.7 outside, no pressure difference to overcome.

    As to the device, you have to admit that its pretty cool if it indeed does work. I wounder what the max dive and depth limit calculations might be? As to the design itself I find the two protruding filtering pods would tend to put too much leverage on your mouth / teeth. Maybe a kind of helmet that incorporates the whole package would offer better functionality. Again, if it and the technology does indeed exist and this item is not just a concept and just a computer representation.

  • Cotour

    The pressure equalization and volume is also a problem.

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