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A survey of 400 chief financial officers finds that nearly half plan to cut back on employment because of Obamacare.

A survey of 400 chief financial officers finds that nearly half plan to cut back on employment because of Obamacare.

And there’s also this:

Besides altering the makeup of their workforces, companies said they also plan to change the health benefit packages offered to employees. “Two-thirds of companies will change health benefits in response to ACA,” reads the Fuqua/CFO Magazine report summary. Forty-four percent of CFOs said they are considering reducing health benefits for employees. Thirty-eight percent said that employees and retirees may be forced to contribute more to their health plans.

“The inadequacies of the ACA website have grabbed a lot of attention, even though many of those issues have been or can be fixed,” said John Graham, Duke Fuqua School of Business finance professor and director of the survey, in a press release. “Our survey points to a more detrimental and potentially long-lasting problem. An unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act will be a reduction in full-time employment growth in the United States,” the study says. [emphasis mine]

So, tell me again why the Republicans in Congress should not challenge the Democrats over Obamacare?

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  • JWing

    The Republicans have willingly become the bitches of the President and his majority party Democrats. Happily and willingly they “go along to get along” similar to the Stockholm Syndrome behavior. Besides…they all really represent the “inside-the-beltway” establishment and not their electoral constituencies.

    I’m for term limits for all federally elected government positions. Are you?

  • You ask: “I’m for term limits for all federally elected government positions. Are you?”

    No, I am not. All term limits do is deny the citizenry the right to vote for a candidate they might want.

    Besides, we have always had term limits. All the voters have to do is vote against the incumbent. And there was a time prior to WWII that voters did that routinely. For many complex reasons this stopped after the war, when voters became sheep and would vote only for incumbents. Term limits won’t solve this problem.

  • joe

    Unintended consequences, I think not! Obama is not so stupid politically as to not have every action well thought out, this is a chess game and the progs are playing it masterfully.

  • Pzatchok

    Now is a fine time to voice opinions against the ACA.
    Well reasoned, logical and common sense reasons against it. if we sound shrill and unbalanced they will never listen. But the quiet ‘I told you so’ is always heard.

    But now is not the time to take up the great fight against it ab blow all our political powder before the thing is even in full swing yet.
    Wait until it fully hits and the people all feel the crushing weight of what has been forced onto them.

    Give them the time and opportunity to remember what we said. Give the democrats the time to fully bask in the shame of this act. Let their constituents start to scream at them.
    Then calmly offer a simple solution. At the same time cast the shadow of liar on all democrats. Make sure their voters hear your quietly in the back ground reminding them of every time a democrat lied about the ACA.

    Offer them a real candidate other than their last democrat.

    Then stand back and watch more democrats loos then ever before and the ACA get repealed within weeks of the election.

    No president can stop a super majority. And we need a super majority to have a hope of repeal.

  • JWing

    Respectively…for all intents and purposes, we do not have term limits as originally intended due to fungible infusions of special interest money and a permanent professional lobbyist/career politician circular door system within the beltway.

  • Cotour

    Remember, in the coming elections the Democrats / liberals / Marxists (how ever you want to define them) are going to proudly run of the strength of the ACA (Obamacare) as per Democrat spin masters.

    When real people experience real loss of access to their healthcare that they have paid for or they turn out to have no healthcare at all that is the point that change will occur. All of the confusion will be clarified unless the president is able to decree by the power of his crown and scepter that these people really do have healthcare. Self interest drives everyone and when the reality of what the Democrats and RINO’s have perpetrated on the American people the people should make some real noise. Not to mention how they are crapping on the Constitution by attempting such a scheme.

  • wodun

    Don’t forget, new policies start in January and there will be a huge surge of enrollments. The question is whether these people are merely replacing their old plans and more importantly, if they like their old ones better and if they get to keep their doctors.

    I checked if my doctor was available with me new plan a few weeks ago and it was. But then I got a letter this week saying my doctor may not be in my network.

  • wodun

    And now you know why Democrat activist groups are advocating for doubling the minimum wage. Obamacare causes everyone’s hours to be cut in half and the Democrat sollution is to double pay. Just like the high cost of health insurance means they have to tell insurnce companies what they can charge, price control regardless of the underlying factors that influence those costs.

  • JWing

    Exactly…you nailed it. If employers half the hours, you double the mandatory hourly rate. Leftists must keep their youthful, “useful minions” content by supplying a constant stream of misdirection or risk revealing the lie behind the curtain.

  • Cotour

    And lets project into the future and who will have access to the best hospitals and the best doctors? (It has already been established as I understand that the best hospitals are not available to the people on the new Obamacare speced. plans.)

    The answer: First choice will go to all of the connected politicians and their family’s that through their generosity have allowed the existence of healthcare, then will come friends of those politicians, then will come the friends of those friends and all foreign politicians and their friends and lastly, relegated to all the second level care and hospitals will be the really poor and the middle class. And not just the middle class, it will be the middle class that actually pays taxes.

    It will be essential to have a friend in government if you want access to healthcare. Phone calls will have to be made, so there will be a need to support the status quo, in other words bigger and bigger government. It will become a system that will eat itself and create a truly sick system.

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