• LTCStein

    **sigh** The sad thing is that is very probably how the conversation would have gone, assuming he would have reacted to Pearl Harbor. Worst President in a 100 years. Is it 2016 yet?

  • joe

    Barrack Obama couldn’t hold a candle to Dwight Eisenhower in any capacity. President Obama has no foreign policy and his domestic policy is a train wreck, he has no understanding of capitalism outside of crony, Obama doesn’t understand free markets or the invisible hand of creative destruction, he only understands politics and how to destroy something that was special about the most free country in the world.

  • wodun

    Not sure why they would exclude Islamist militants from that group.

  • Cotour

    I wrote another reply to your comment Joe but it did not make it onto the board so I posted this appropriate other story about this coming government trend to profile, classify and label people with opinions considered to differ from the powers that be and what may happen to them.

    Their are lines all over the place now Joe, this site is no different, there will be algorithms looking for sarcasm and decent that threatens the evolving power paradigm.

    Objective truth is found in mathematics and physics not in the subjective words (or lack of words) of men.

  • Joe

    I have no doubt that my every keystroke has been recorded and that the thought police have a spot for me in room 101 at the ministry of love.

  • Cotour

    While at the White House Bowe Bergdals father apparently gives the Islamic call of victory while standing next to the president of the United States and the president smiled as the words came out of Mr. Bergdals mouth. (the president speaks and understands Arabic, remember where he grew up and what his lineage is? Is this a symbolic moment in the Islamic world)

    The president unilaterally decides to trade 5 high ranking, personally chosen Guantanimo prisoners for one man who apparently chose to go AWOL and apparently actively seek out the Taliban.

    Imagine what is install for the country in the last 6 months of this presidents reign.

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