A U.S. college professor demands that skeptics of global warming be imprisoned.

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A U.S. college professor demands that skeptics of global warming be imprisoned.

But hey, they’re the tolerant ones, the ones who believe in free speech and consider “dissent the highest form of patriotism.” That is, they believe these things as long as you agree with them. Should you disagree, even slightly, then off with your head!



  • wodun

    And when you follow the link parade to the offending article, you find comment after comment deleted by the moderators. It looks especially bad because the comments were replaced by the text, “Comment removed by moderator.”

  • Dale Martin

    Wodun: They might not have like the things I posted in very vulgar Italiano for the Professor ;-)


  • bigjoe

    If we are going to put people in jail for misinformation let’s start with the alarmists that cherry-pick climate data to fit the narrative and politicians that lied about fast & furious, obamacare, IRS scandal and Benghazi.

  • Cotour

    BIGJOE, those are non issues. They are things that the Republicans have cherry picked just to use as political weapons against the president because he is black.

    Yes people in the employ of the government have died unnecessarily through incompetence and very bad planning. The person who was in charge response? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? And yes, Conservative organizations have been targeted by the FBI and the IRS because they represent a threat to the establishment powers (Democrat / Liberal / Marxist) that be, and yes more people have died because of a weapons trafficking scheme so ridiculous on its surface that you really have to wonder who and why it was actually hatched. And yes, the government has passed a law that relieves the people of responsibility of their own health care and forces them to purchase a product as a result of being born an American resulting in them being relieved of their rights.

    You must be a racist BIGJOE or even worse, you may be a person that actually understands what the intent and function of the Constitution is. You sound like you may be a dangerous man BIGJOE.

    Power is not about logic or morality, it is about power. And we all know what happens when individuals obtain too much power.

  • Cotour

    Are you a misinformationalist Mr. Z? Will they be coming for you?


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